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How did I lose the message?

Ever written a piece and just when you’re about to drop your pen you find out that you’ve lost yourself as well as your audience?

It happens to most writers, from articles to story writing to essay writing. Why? You’ve got lots of ideas and this one piece might seem to be a magnet to these many ideas, it’s not bad however, the problem is everything becoming disorganized and so instead of them becoming whole, they end up becoming scattered fragments independent of each other. At the end, you lose your message, your audience and often times, yourself.

Since you are not alone, what do you do?

1. Be greedy with your ideas: Sometimes sharing it all is a writer’s sin, so please don’t commit. You can check 10 ways to reach the perfect article for more details on how to gather your ideas. Take one idea and then blow it like it’s your biggest hit.

2. Don’t be in a hurry to finish: It is almost inevitable that everytime you try to rush through a write up, you end up losing the message in it. Take your time to write and expand on every idea you get.

3. Finally, always Proofread: Part of the training rules in HRP classes for writers is to always proofread. The point is beyond checking grammatical errors which should always be taken care of. It includes losing your message. A good proofread, just in case you aren’t an editor, should give you signals if your write up is becoming confusing or losing its message. So once you are done writing, become the first reader of your work.

Overconfidence doesn’t always work well with writing especially when you haven’t done the necessary followups.

Just an extra tip, you lose the message when the write up shifts it’s focus from it to you. There’s certainly a reason you decide to write even a biography and that shouldn’t be you. Your story is a lesson for someone out there, sharing/writing it should be to pass that message. The moment you decide to judge from your view or paint a perspective to increase the intensity of your view, you lose the message.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be morally upright with your words, as a matter of fact you should. Every writer wields great power and a good reader knows when it’s being abused. Focus on the information, don’t make it a source to carry out revenge or hate- that’s a fast-lane to losing “the message” not just your message.

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