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Everyday, after coming into mature reasoning, for years there’s a desire to change something even if it is to change the way your parents or guardians arrange the settees in the living room. Sometimes we do know how to create the change and most times we don’t because often we want to change people. Can we?

We’ve seen movies where the main actor says to his/her counterpart, “You changed me”, this never truly happens literally. You only change a person by changing yourself. Then you change people by creating triads of changed people connecting with unchanged people to change more people.

Change is constant, people will change from the better or worse down the line, there’s never a vacuum, we all fill it up somehow. So how do you create the change you want to see.

1. Be open-minded:

It takes an open mind to receive knowledge and to accept change. It also takes an open mind to break the norm and begin to see things from a different angle. For instance, we admire cultures from afar, hoping we could somehow be like what we’ve seen and heard. In this case, you may have to break past some of your cultural limitations to take a leap into the culture you admire. If your culture judges others, you may dislike it and wish to change it however deep down you also judge people(including yourself and those within your circle) so you have to take a leap into self-appreciation and appreciating those within your circle even with their flaws.

2. You change:

Your change is the beginning of their change, because the standards you see and wish to change has been accepted by you overtime and that’s why it is part of your system. If you change yourself and your environment, your standards change and people respect you for it.

3. Connect with others:

When you change, you are pushed into a situation where you want people to understand, to fit into your standards—it is selfish. I’m sure you didn’t expect that but it is true, you can’t force someone to drink from a well he doesn’t want to no matter how sweet it is, it is abusive. Rather connect, make friends and let them in on the right way of doing things. Seek to understand to be understood in Sean Covey’s words.
Everyone wants to be understood, to get them to your side surrender yours and listen to their side. If you can successfully do this, you’ll win them over.

4. Teach them to connect too:

In getting people to where you are, you must remember that they’d likely not want to connect with what they used to do or who they used to be. A bigger change requires more people, this is where the mantra, “Tell someone to tell someone” fits in.

You can start the change but to reach out to more people you don’t need to be the center piece, connect people to the change you believe in and allow them to carry on. This is how to create the change you want.

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