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How to develop a good reading habit

Naturally, habits are formed between 3-4weeks so there’s nothing you cannot stop or start doing. While writing this, the assumption is that you perhaps do not enjoy reading or prefer engaging in some other activities than sitting down to read.

For a start, reading isn’t fun till you find something interesting or something you are fond of. Not every editor reads through every work submitted to him or her basically because the work/writeup in question loses steam after the first or second paragraph. So find the book that matches your passion. It is easier to learn or start reading from your favorite book or topic. So you love playing, read a book on playing, you might just find out something you never knew on your passion. Nothing is more frustrating for a first time book convert than to read a boring book, mind you boring has its definition based on your passion.

Secondly, every book has references or words you may not grasp from the dictionary. The idea is to pull up a search on this references and words which hit you. This subsequently puts you on a search for knowledge. The more you want to know the more you read.

Furthermore, the love for reading is sometimes associated with the quest for solutions to different problems around you. For instance, sa new fabric you bought is wearing out, you search and read. You constantly twitch your eyes, you search and read. You want to be able to solve a criminal case, business dispute etc, you search and read.

You will certainly develop a good reading habit when passion is tied to whatever is making you read. If you don’t know why you are reading then you won’t.

Some traditional principles to reading are:

Don’t read with your fingers pointing out the words; to assimilate better, don’t read a book out loud, and finally don’t move your head with the book.

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