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Dear friend,

I am glad writing to you today and I hope you are too. One of my favourite quotes was said by Late Dr. Myles Munroe, “You are better than what you’ve done”, I’m so much attached to this because I cannot stop myself from seeing it from two directions- what you have done positively or negatively, better days are yet to come. This is why I write about the past in relation to today’s progress.

Overtime, holding unto something old is easier than trying something new. If you sit down for 5 hours every day for 21 days, you would become so used to it that trying something new would be odd. When innovations are introduced, less people are willing to work with it because of fear of how tomorrow may turn out; however, if you don’t try, you may never know. Progress is always hindered when we cannot let go of the past.

There are so many opportunities open to us but when we hold unto the wrongs we did in the past we get scared of the future. In real truth, we are not bold enough to confront what we have done. We are less confident to say, “I can get past you, you won’t stop my progress”.

Many times, we feel like chains are holding us down because we just might make the same mistakes all over again. Well, if you use the same strategy you’ll get the same results, but if that’s not what you’re doing and you do fall, it’s still not over because one more lesson learnt doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you prepared.

People walk the streets proud and haughty over achievements which they have to dust over and over again. Many have done much greater works but they remain confident in their ignorance as they only see themselves. In certain ways we are not willing to give another shot once we win.

Great artists today needed just one song to be made stars/celebrities, their troubles however would have kick started if they slept on that one song- they could have lost relevance quickly. What actually keeps you at the top, is progress. It is consistency, you are always better than what gave you an applause, you can earn a great applause, you just haven’t tried.

Our inability to see beyond our failures and achievements could keep us on a spot, we keep going in a circular pattern and we remain worried asking why we are there; the past keeps you there. You have to begin to let go of it.

The past doesn’t need to see your future because it starts with the present telling you why you can’t move forward. Yet, all of these lies in your hands, it I’d a decision you need to make, you can change things by believing that better things can come forth from you.

Friend, I would have to drop my pen on this note but I must say that we should begin to believe in our potentials and let go of our past. Greater things are yet to come.

Till we meet again next week, do ensure to send us your questions and suggestions to our mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com.  Please do drop your comments, we are open to your ideas and views on the subject matter. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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