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Dear Friend,

Hope you had a great week, I am really glad to be writing this piece to you. I felt a bit pressed to remind you of your childhood dreams, this is why I’m writing to you, Man/Woman with the big dream.

Life’s waves toss us towards unforeseen directions and outcomes that we do not like, and the pressure from our daily activities seem to frustrate most of our works and abilities, that giving up soon becomes an option. I’m sure this is becoming a trend among the youths but sit back as we look through some moments back:

Recently, I felt really nostalgic thinking about the days while we were just pupils in our local primary school. We were in the local primary school but our dreams weren’t localized, “Oh, we dreamt big”. We sang daily on the great future we pictured for ourselves and the great impact we planned to do in our nation with our different field of gifts. A good memory is a song that goes, “I’m a doctor in my country, everybody knows me well if you look at me up and down, you’ll know that is true” , that was one of the songs we sang carrying placards of what we would love to be.

After this flash back, I looked around and noticed how far we have walked away/given up on our dreams. I thought of how we have allowed life’s pressure to determine and affect our daily decisions. Then I realized that I could as well be the delay to this my great dream, perhaps all I need is just my faith, another trial. It won’t hurt.

The big dreams may not be as it should have been but you should know that every dream is a baby, you need to nurse it and feed it else it will die. If age counters the dream, there’s still something to do, don’t give up too soon. The breadth of Life tells, there’s still hope for the living. It is said that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. Learn to pick up, you can dream again, you can give it another try rather than give it up. Even in your last days, change and invention is never far from you.

The flag of your race is forever beating in your chest, never forget your pledge. In days like this, your dreams can come alive.

Till we meet again, dream big and live the dream!

Yours Truly,

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