Dear friend,

It’s great writing to you this week and I do hope you had an awesome weekend. I write with a great weight in my heart, it’s about building.

Building is a process, it involves different materials and different people and a different focus at a time. At one point you are working on the foundation, at another you’re working on the windows and doors; and then overtime you are working on the inside.

Friend, before I hit on why this weight bothers me, I want you to imagine walking into a beautiful compound, a house covered with glass windows, beautiful flowers and trees on the outside and then you get inside and find out that the house isn’t painted on the inside, in fact the wires and pipes are exposed, how would you feel? Perhaps disappointed and maybe you’d wonder why the false impression- yes, false impression, the impression generated by the inside could destroy or complement the outside. Within a twinkle of an eye we forget lightning but no one forgets the thunder in a jiffy because it shakes you even while lying down.

Light is simply the appearance, it travels very fast and gives the first impression, yet it is gone so quickly when the sound comes. What sounds do you produce friend? Or is it just about the appearance alone. People spend a lot of time fixing the dress, the make up but not the woman or man wearing it. So it is unavoidable that when he or she goes out and we say, “that dress doesn’t fit you”, he or she quickly runs into a shell forgetting the hours he took to prepare the outside. The necessary words haven’t been prepared for the inside to produce.

Friend, at every point you are saying something even when you are quiet and if you don’t build the right atmosphere/words, you cannot dwell in it. So when pride or anger or jealousy etc steps out, it’s a building of your own making. What have you been building on your inside?  I love nice china pieces but I’ll quickly forget them if you serve me my favourite food in them, when I’m done emptying its contents, I’ll remember the china. Prepare something great and package it properly, the inside matters a lot as well as the outside.

The weight here is how much we deceive ourselves especially when we try to outdo ourselves, we try to please people through the outside. We smile when we are dying inside and we are oblivious that someday the inside could overtake the outside. If you wish to try it, place an egg to rotten in a gold bowl, the stench when it begins to rotten might make you forget the bowl. Let’s not be the gold bowl with the rotten egg, there’s so much untapped resources on our inside, there is a great need to build what is on our inside and it is great to know our greatest resource is in us  if only we are willing to look into ourselves to build.

In building, you need to feed yourself with the right materials, the right discussion, the right words and you need the right people who can help you grow.

Till we meet again dear friend, please decorate, beautify and most importantly build your inside. You can never end this process, building is continuous, keep working on yourself, you could be better tomorrow than what you are today if you keep building. For your suggestions and questions, please send us a mail at or, do feel free to drop a comment below. Have a great week.

Yours truly,

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