Dear friend,

With great joy do I pick my pen to convey these words to you. You have been in my thoughts as I pondered on what to tell you. I write to you today, about the subject, commitment.

Commitment is the act of entrusting something to someone. It is an engagement, a promise to do something, the act of committing yourself to something.

Commitment goes in two ways, What to do before you commit and what to do when you do get into a commitment. Many people get into commitments which they never audit. They fail to ask necessary questions, so sooner or later, they get so stressed and begin to pull away from it.

More so, it’s important to know that commitment has nothing to do with if you are paid for what you do or not. When you get committed you count the costs from the start because when you begin to pull out, you are beginning to incur debts.

An old story, is about two sons who were sent to work on a farm. The younger one was reluctant to work but had given his word while the older one took on the job happily. As the sun rose at its peak, the older one got tired and soon realised that he wasn’t concentrating on the job, he decided to go home to rest. He woke up late at night while the younger one had finished the work.

It didn’t matter if the younger one was unhappy about it but his word meant a lot to him and he was bent on being faithful and diligent. Commitment isn’t complete without those two qualities, faithfulness and diligence.

Commitment starts every morning you wake up. It is a trait of focused purpose. To know someone who is focused on his purpose is through how committed he acts. Many great men today were swept out of offices where they searched for investors yet the attitude of people couldn’t deter them. They weren’t willing to owe their purpose, they were willing to pay the costs and standard of being committed to fulfilling it.

Today, people are carried away, all the younger son needed was for his elder brother to leave, commitment lays not its strength on someone else. It doesn’t need someone else to keep him still and pushing. Think of commitment as how much you feel the need to eat everyday or take a bath everyday, you really don’t need anyone to push you to be diligent with what should be beneficial to you.

On this particular note, people feel commitment begins and ends with what belongs to them. The irony of this is, if you can’t be committed while working as a follower or simply for someone never expect all your followers to be committed to you.

The truth is, the sun will someday indeed be at its peak and the situation wouldn’t be favorable but that’s actually when commitment pays off. Commitment is for strong and determined people. These are people who don’t ever give up, they are patient and beyond doubt are people of integrity. It is quite a worthy attribute to be committed to the least of the things you do. If you can be faithful in little, much would be handed over to you.

In conclusion, dear friend, whatsoever is worth doing is worth doing well. Be committed because you never know who is watching you, the friend who seems to discourage you from being committed may someday seek your help when looking for committed people.

Till we meet again, stay committed. Do feel free to drop your suggestions and questions below or to our mail at: You can also request a letter written anonymously to you by sending your request to our mail. You can be sure to get a reply. Also feel free to drop your questions, I’d be expecting them. Have an awesome week!

Yours truly,

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