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Dear friend

It is obvious how on many occasions in life, people will often push you into anger, you might even find yourself stucked in it to the extent of keeping malice, which is very wrong.

This is why I decided to write to enlighten you about anger and why you have to stay at peace with everyone no matter the issue.

Indeed, being at peace with people is a hard task, this is why we end up giving ourselves the comfortable answer, “we are humans”. Anger is more than a mere irritation at a person’s offence, it is a strong irritation which could bring out the urge to kill. A terribly angered person unknowingly and carelessly states, “I feel like killing so and so”. Anger is in other words, deadly. It kills the mind, filling it with hatred, depressing it’s state and also depressing growth.

At one point or the other, people get angry and frustrated over people’s attitudes, and things that they cannot control but what’s the right approach. Personal questions seem to be a solution.

I read a short article speaking about the uniqueness of mankind and I scanned through a line which stated, “you are a solution to a problem”. I felt I should tell you, to the stubborn anger and frustration burning within you, you are a solution. How? Ask yourself, “Why am I angry?”, you know this but it’s important to audibly ask yourself this question. The next exercise is to ask, “how is my anger affecting my offender?”

If you successfully answer these questions you realise that anger in fact hurts you than it hurts anyone else. Loving yourself is very important because when you do, you also learn to love others as much. I say this because, it’s a promise that people will try to annoy you, the ball is in your court to be annoyed or not. It is a promise that they might not feel sorry even after you are angered.

It has been advised overtime that do not speak and perhaps walk away when angry but well, how long will you run away from facing it. You give room for frustrating others with your pain and anger, you give room for depressing someone quite innocent of your problems. Sometimes, the questioning process needs to be done as a lifestyle because people won’t stop trying to get on your nerves both intentionally and unintentionally.

Let the process be this simple- you are in your house and anger knocks on the door, in fact it bangs on the door. You feel an urge to open your door but think deeply, it isn’t your mother, father or lover, it’s a robber (call the police!).

Call God to help you, and deal with it. Well, I know you feel the robber might breakdown the door. It won’t and can’t because the robber is simply a shadow of you, so let the light completely into your heart. A  ray leaves traces of shadows, allow a beam.

Think about this short demonstration, they say, “you are greater than your clone”- anger isn’t worth having you or controlling you. Letting in the light means clearing your throat, sitting down and asking the questions discussed earlier. Don’t forget to call the police.

Till we meet again, remember, anger is just a shadow of you, don’t make it you. You can face it, discipline yourself to make overcoming it a lifestyle. You can’t clean the errors that might have occurred, you want peace go get it- forgive and let the offence go! Learn to love the  offender *wink*

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Yours truly,

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