Dear friend,

It’s a great joy to be writing to you today. I’m sure you have been following the series closely. Today, I wish to discuss a very important topic that is being overlooked yet it keeps pointing a gun to a lot of people and the overwhelming part is these people are holding the guns themselves, and are about to pull the trigger.

At some points in life, people go through different difficulties, for instance: a family man loses his two legs to an accident, he feels crushed on his inside each time he looks at his children, he in fact feels like an invalid, he holds resentment at the slightest word said to him. He is shattered. Another example is the common reaction of a lady being left at the altar, a man who loses his job close to retirement age and even students who fail. Depressed people have an inability to see a good future, they feel the future itself has rejected them.

There are so many descriptions for why people end up in depression and when we see people in that position or look at ourselves in it, we are persuaded to pity. This is the first mistake.

It is important to note that depression is a killer, it brings down what was once up and pitying yourself or someone else in such a state doesn’t create a move.Why don’t we try love- loving yourself enough to kick again.

Love and pity are two different words, they might seem alike but they are far from each other. Indeed it is right to sympathise with people but an act of love can do more. Love can sometimes sound as though one is too unfair but you can be sure that it is truthful. Love stands out amidst other qualities. Love encourages when pity sympathises both from afar and even close by.

I can assure you that one who is depressed cannot get pitiful words from God. No, in such a state, you need the lion in you to jump out, you in fact need to let the lion out of the cub.Do you expect God to say sorry to you for feeling the future is gleam? No, he gives hope and he does that according to the power in you. If depression sets up a throne in you, the power working in you becomes depression.

We live in a world where people are thinking of new things, day and night. In our world today, there isn’t an excuse for failure not even a disability. Dreams aren’t tied to the bodies or the past. It might seem like there’s no way out at the moment and there might be no reason to stand up from where you sit crying even if you have lost the helper you know, I want you to look to God.

The time at which we sympathise and say sorry and pity should move far behind us because when the world is saying sorry to you, there’s God saying, “Be Strengthened”, when the world agrees with you that the situation is indeed pitiful and they don’t even know where you can start from, you can be sure that there’s a God saying “I am the Author of your story, it is not the end yet”.

Depression is a very powerful weapon used against people with huge achievements to come (note the words: to come), because depression leaves a man with just two things, the past and the present. I can encourage you, friend, but in times of depression, the greater work lies with you- you need to encourage yourself.

A thousand words and more may never be able to tell it all but we are glad that writers have readers through you. We welcome questions and suggested letters, you can send them to our email at: [email protected]. Also, feel free to drop your comments in the comments box, till we meet again, do not wait for someone to pull you up, Get up and out of depression!

Yours truly,

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