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Dear friend,

It’s a pleasure writing to you again and I’m writing today, not because I feel like sharing a regular issue but because a menace is on the loose. Friend, it’s none other than jealousy. Jealousy is subtle and comforting, it is in fact hard to hear your own inner, good and godly voice under jealousy.
For instance, Peter has been pushing  hard looking for a job but nothing comes forth, his best friend, Tony wakes up one morning  and doesn’t even have a good outfit to wear. He borrows Peter’s clothes and tells him he is also going to look for a job.
Peter laughs and says, “you! Well, never mind”. Tony goes and is back with an employment letter and is due to start on Monday.  Peter becomes hurt but smiles, he is broken because he feels like a loser. He collects his clothes from Tony. He shouts at him and sends him out of the house but guess what, Tony tells him, he got the job of a driver, at least to start from somewhere. Peter is happy and makes fun of Tony at every opportunity given.

It isn’t story time but right here it is obvious that jealousy turns tables but in true sense and reality, jealousy is birthed out of lack of true love. People are jealous of the comfort others get, they are jealous of the way people speak confidently, they question, “why was it given to him and not me?”

There are many individuals who boast of loving their friends a lot until they see that friend reaping benefits they have always wanted. They are pricked in the heart and begin to harbour a low self esteem, they in fact find it hard to celebrate with those people. If they do, they do in pretence. Little wonder, parents begin to tell children to keep shut about their successes because they don’t know who loves them  till they win.

Dealing with Jealousy is quite easy but it takes a hard and trimming process called- loving your neighbor as yourself. I can tell that it is hard but this could help. Before you get jealous ask: “How would I want my friends to act if I also won?” It is true, some people want to make others jealous but a good heart will want others to celebrate with him or her. If you built a new house today, won’t you want people to celebrate with you? So celebrate with those who have built. Look at everyone as you see yourself and life could be made easy.

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Till we meet again dear friend, keep loving, keep celebrating  and keep  appreciating others, soon it will be your turn!

Yours truly,

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