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Dear friend,

Greetings to you from the bottom of my heart, it is that part of my heart that cannot keep silent. Indeed, in that same way I wish to share with you on the subject, abuse of honor, and I can’t keep silent about it.

Perhaps anger and betrayal can expressly destroy honor for what else would make a man hurl insulting words at the president of his country, when his president is sitting directly opposite him? It is one thing to in fact back bite him and another to speak rudely about him to his face.

Honor, my friend, is a serious factor not only to whom it is due but to your life. So many good and bad individuals occupy seats of authority above you, these people deserve honor, putting aside whatever character they may display.

It is important to note that you cannot be a perfect judge to those who deserve your honor, for instance, a father that is known for drinking to stupor should not be judged by the child. You cannot rip him off his authority and honor just because he is a drunk.

In such cases, the children resort to anger and frustration to a point at which little or no respect is accorded to the father. Those who judge people they are meant to honor do not really have a clear idea of the difficulty faced in the higher offices. You may get really upset at your father/ mother/friends/bosses, but it isn’t in your position to judge them. Most of them have walked paths you may never walk. Venting your anger on them may resort to abuse of honor upon their lives. Though the errors they may have committed, ex-presidents still have the suffix -president.

Many today work under the “nose” of high ranked officials, they get home from work and feel disgusted at the fact that the boss just decides to take trips as fitting to him, he brings women into the office and all of that. It is however a starting point to deal with this issue by noting that you are not honoring the individual directly, you honor his office.

Parents, Presidents, the wicked and good boss at work,teachers etc. occupy leadership no matter their character. What does it mean to honor these people no matter their offence? It means that you treat them with proper respect even when they offend you, you still accord them their respect. It means even when they fail, they can still count on you to respect them. It means most of all, that in the midst of their shameful periods, you become their shield. It means you won’t join the crowd and back bite them, you will look for a way to cover them up.

Honor is birthed out of true love. If you don’t learn to love, you will run away from honoring mankind. This is because man will keep faltering and there and then, when he finally falls, the people who might raise him up are those who got angry but still loved him so much, but those who will stand by watching are those who see his fall and laugh saying, “so, the great man can fall?”

Much can be said over this issue but it is paramount to note that if you honor people you will be blessed but when instead of honor, you spite them and laugh at their state, you are at a greater risk of not being honored. Why? More fingers are pointed back to you when you point at someone else.

Abuse of honor is very popular today because people don’t know much about it. One thing to know is lack of love makes a man see the underwear of the man that is above him on the ladder of success but it is honor that makes him respect him even after that. Love politely queries the bad habits but anger and frustration makes a man act so fast that he forgets honor.

However, a man who is due of honor must never disgrace the honor over him. Not everyone will choose to accept the truth of honoring people despite their faults. We all must also learn to respect ourselves. Indeed, a man can lose honor by his superior, he can be stripped of honor. Those below him have no right to rip off his honor though.

Our watchword is to be careful not to gossip and spread rumours that go against the honor over people above us. Knowing that you were once not perfect should give room for  forgiving those who falter and giving their respect to them.

Till we meet again friend, honor those who are due of honor. It helps your growth; you cannot grow to receive honor when you haven’t learnt to give it. Thanks for your awesome replies and suggestions, please keep them coming. For your suggestions and questions, do mail us at: hisrulepublications@gmail.com.

Yours truly,

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