Dear friend,

I do hope you had a wonderful week but as this new week approaches its end, I’d love us to deal on the subject “drawing wrong conclusions”.

I can hardly forget how years ago in school, a class mate of mine accused her seat mate of stealing her money, she had brought the new denominations of naira to school and she showed everyone. As expected she was about using it during recess to get snacks but by then the money was gone. She cried so much and reported quickly to the class teacher claiming that her seat mate had stolen the money.

My teacher didn’t accept people pointing fingers so he asked why she thought it was her seat mate. Her reason was the fact that the girl had no money and had been peeping when she was keeping her money.

We all did a round check of our school bags but we found nothing. So my teacher decided to check her bag only to find it hidden underneath her water bottle right in one of the net pockets by the sides of her school bag. The whole class gave a big laugh at her, her seat mate had already been crying for being wrongly accused.

reset your mindset
reset your mindset

The truth remains that each time we draw up wrong conclusions especially on people, we hurt someone. Not to exaggerate more on this, we can as well avoid this happening. Everyone has been found wanting in one way or the other when it comes to this but there’s an escape route.

What’s your mindset? Is it just about how you feel? Do you ever give a benefit of doubt? If your answer is negative, you need to start out by putting other people’s feelings in consideration before throwing wrong conclusions at them. You need to learn to ask questions specifically with humility and love.

For instance, when your watch isn’t on the table, you don’t tell your partner, “Why did you remove the watch from the table?” Rather, “Please, I can’t find my watch, any idea where it is?” That’s indeed very different. Most times we talk at people, so much that they lose their joy even before replying because of the tone of accusation we throw at them.

Change doesn’t show up so fast, you need to start at the little things. Think positive, from each day you wake up. People draw conclusions right from the morning how bad their day would be forgetting that some wake up a pauper and sleep a millionaire. Try to also think positive about the people around you, people change and that’s the truth. Your heart towards them matters a lot too.

Friend, I also agree that some people turn out just as you expect them to be but one wrong move of ours could mar them. They might need just one subtle word from you to change and do keep in mind that only God changes people but your actions can make them have a change of heart. Let’s learn to see not just from our point of view, learn to give others a listening ear. I’m sure as we do this, we would actually find out a lot that had seemed hidden all this while.

Till we meet again, dear friend change your approach so as not to arrive at wrong conclusions. Feel free to drop your suggestions, questions and comments below. Do you need a letter written anonymously to you? Send us your suggestion to our mail at [email protected] or [email protected].ng. Do have a great week!

Yours truly,

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