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Dear friend,

I write this day to encourage you. Many of us at the bottom of the hill never understand the atmosphere at the hill top because we aren’t there. We don’t really understand that its harder to breathe at the hilltop. This is why I write to you my friend in fame/authority.

Many people have made a lot of wrong conclusions about you. Different people with different pictures about you because they don’t understand what it means to be where you are. Friends told you they couldn’t climb any more with you. In their various ways, they said good bye. Some true friends died along the way and when you got to the top, there was little or no one who truly knew you for who you are.

Well, I wouldn’t for any reason advise you to go down but to keep up your good faith and keep giving in your very best. For sure, if there were any friends beside the founder of electricity, some may have thought the idea foolish but today, their children or grandchildren are still using it and really can almost do nothing without it.

Indeed, there are times you remember that one day you woke up a pauper but slept a star and right from that day, people thought you to be immortal. Immortal meaning insensitive to insults and jokes, and they forget you are human. Being at the top should be taken as an avenue to daily grow and live life beyond its frustrations. I do encourage you to live like an eagle, keeping your eyes on your goal and keep being relevant. One of the perks of being at the top is, the day you start losing it, people stop talking about you. They are your check mates, dear friend.

More so, there are many things you have right to do, but you don’t do them in other not to mislead many people’s thoughts and understanding. You can’t blame your position for this, you are a leader and it’s a purpose to fulfil and you should never compromise with this. The fact remains that you cannot please everyone.

Friend, you can always take record of how many left because the race kept changing and you had to change cars. As long as it wasn’t pride, it was just a dream that everyone woke up to see its reality in your life. You cannot blame yourself or anyone, all you have to do is step on the plate and cause the change which you can. It’s an opportunity many have craved for but as you have it in your hands make the best out of it.

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Yours truly,

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