Dear friend,

With great joy do I write to you today. I’m writing not because I feel like it but to remind us of a first fire that used to light our hearts. It’s the first passion we used to have.

Many of us had great dreams while growing up but while we grew with this, reality brought hard truths to our innocent minds. We couldn’t just cope with it, so one by one, our dreams snuffed out. The question at the back of our minds became should we look back to those dreams or follow the tide?

My first point to answering this question is not to be a mediocre, following the tide is really out of it. We mustn’t be average especially when we have been separated for one specific  thing that no one else on earth can do. The fire to change the course of the world shouldn’t be put out, no matter your profession or personal qualifications except it was just perceived heat and not fire. In other words, a friend or anyone close to you had the fire and you felt it was for you.

Furthermore, when it is for you, you have no doubt how true it is. You will make a lot of errors but you’d always have a strong and persistent push that you can try again. So what makes us forget it all?

The world system isn’t encouraging and the good news is it isn’t suppose to be. There are major risks you have to go through to obtain a goal. Many grew in really terrible situations but they also had faith that it wouldn’t affect their future. They wanted to be educated but when they saw the risk, they ran, fear instead of faith rose up in them. The fact that we worry about our tomorrow when we have today seems to be a problem.

As much as you cannot see tomorrow, you can at least envision it being good. You need to be relentless. It really doesn’t matter where you started from friend, it’s where it all ends. You need to strive to be better than who you are right now and avoiding pain-staking and reasonable decisions wouldn’t help.

Another factor to consider is what you listen to. There is great energy in what you continually listen to and the kind of people around you. Fulfilling purpose is with ease but it is painful. It is with ease because it is part of you but it is also painful because the location  might not be favorable, it doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. So when you stick around people who are pessimistic, you’ll either remain a mediocre or go down the drain with all the passion turning into complaints and anger towards some figures you choose to blame for your situation.

Friend, accept the difficult route if it is, difficult routes mostly lead to beautiful destinations. If it is risky but worth the pain, give it a try. Truthfully, you’ll come out strong. Sift the people around you, stick with optimists and people who will take the pain to speak the truth to you then, you will be ready to take on any task.

Till we meet again, friend, do not let your passion slip from your hands. Have in mind someone can pick it up and it might never be the way you wished it to be but it will hurt. Generations have passed of people who relentlessly fought back their discouraging backgrounds, You can do it! Do ensure to send us your questions and suggestions to our mail at [email protected]. Please do drop your comments, I’d be expecting them. Have an awesome week.


Yours truly,

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