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Dear friend,

It’s another week, it might be rough for some and I’m sure it’s full of surprises. I’m however glad writing to you friend. Perhaps this may not be for you but it may definitely be for someone close to you and you just might be among those pressing hard on a friend, a brother or a sister. You really may not know how it feels. I don’t know how painful it may be if you my friend are under pressure and perhaps already giving in. So I write to you today.

Good pottery has to be left in the dark and fired at very extreme degrees in a kiln. Beyond the look of it, I seem to think of the lonely pottery as someone who is in the dark. He has no friends to hold unto because each counterpart of different sizes and shapes must sit still like him in the dark and most of all face the heat. He can’t leave the heat and he can’t get a friend from the outside to sit with him. Simply put, he is alone, in the dark and under pressure.

It doesn’t matter the family around a man under pressure, the worst part is you can’t just think for him. He has two roads in front of him and he mustn’t give in to the wrong one. Speaking of giving in, friend, I do know it feels like the world is against you but now of all times is a time to hold fast to what kept you on the road to start this journey in the first place. Think constantly of it and don’t even neglect the falls as well as the points where you won, ask if it was all worth it. If it wasn’t you are free to give in.

It also pays to wonder if the people around you can see the strength in the heat you’re going through; I’m not sure they do. Keep your eyes on your end result friend, it’s what gives you strength. Protect your thoughts because quitters never win. The best part of running a vision is that you can never fail all the time, there a little trophies and they do count except you are on a wrong path, soon enough you’ll be accepted.

A half boiled egg may not break and splatter on the floor the first time it hits the floor but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t after hitting it once more. The pressure may push you out of the kiln but remember you may not stand the test of time through the life pressure from family and friends may have pushed you to.

Everyone has a word for you, it doesn’t mean it is true, there are so many false identities people have for us but you must remember who you are, where you are coming from, where you are going to and most importantly, who you are not. Don’t accept who you are not or a dream that’s not yours. Taking a short leap into what’s not yours could make you splatter on the floor. Never leave half boiled or half cooked, don’t give in to pressure.

I love a particular sentence in the letter written to the Romans and it says, “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God”, it reminds me how much the world is waiting for me, the trees, the grasses- every single creature you know even those putting the pressure on you. They feel strongly that you owe them something, well you do, friend, they just don’t have the patience which you must have. Hold unto patience and be firm with your goals. Definitely, you’ll live up to those expectations.

Friend, I want you to know that life is hard as a rock and it takes a determined man to break a hard rock or move it. Be strong and never waiver; know there’s a friend who believes you can make it. The world is counting on you.

Till we meet again, dear friend be strong. Feel free to drop your comments and questions below. Send us your personal messages/questions via our mail athisrulepublications@gmail.com, be sure we’ll respond and write you a personal letter. Live life to the fullest, don’t break down, you can break the obstacles. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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