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Dear friend,

It’s another date with you today. I’m glad to write this to you because many of us are either in this state or have been in this state.

Friend, I’m sure you have a lot you wish to do. You have ideas that you cannot wait to realise. Overtime, these dreams remain what they are which is “just dreams”; they never attain reality.

This letter is to my friend with indecision. Indecision is the inability to decide on a particular step especially if there are more options in view.

A good description is what happened when a certain man embarked on a plan to start a water factory. He had the set amount, the documents required and a good team of people who would help him achieve his dreams. A year later, everything was set for kick off but just then, the prices in the market hit the roof. He couldn’t acquire most of the important machinery and so he blamed his decisions. He openly told the team, “I wish I never started this”.

The situation stole away his peace and soon he decided to do something else with the little he had left. The team went their way; their leader was confused.

There are different stages of indecision caused by different elements. Firstly, indecision happens as a result of fear and anxiety.
Fear and anxiety rids you off the ability to make reasonable decisions because of fear of tomorrow and unrest. Out of fear, many cars have been packed for years without being driven because of one accident. You end up jumping from one idea without executing properly, any one because of this.

Another cause of this, is pressure and comparison. The kind of people you move around with matters a lot, friend. When you move around people who are bound to distract you, indecision is inevitable. The words from others can set in indecision so you need to watch what you hear, not every advice is a direction.

The worst factor that brings indecision is comparison. When you keep comparing yourself to others around you, you cannot be stable. A runner who is worried about who is catching up with him, will keep looking backwards.

Your dreams depend mostly on how willing you are to work it. Being indecisive is always dependent on the line of actions you wish to go for. Life is a place with many possibilities but it’s always awesome to do things at a time.

A good sign to know when you are becoming indecisive is when you begin to accumulate regrets. Indeed, mistakes ought to be made so you can get better. No one can help you more than you can.

To face a project, you must make sure you aren’t day dreaming. Check the weight of your dreams- in other words look into the future at how viable it is. When you can dream it, you can live it. Dream far beyond what you see, this is what keeps you. Involve checkmates, these are people who will tell you the truth in a very selfless manner. Some of them will make you learn to encourage yourself, which is a perfect lifestyle against indecision.

Till we meet again friend, be stable, as fear and anxiety are waivers to achieving your dreams. Thanks for your awesome replies, please keep them coming. For your suggestions and questions, you can send us a mail at: hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Feel free to also drop your comments in the box below.

Yours truly,


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