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Letter to my friend living in self condemnation

Dear friend,

It is sometimes or most times easy to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself. Many of us sleep and wake up with such a great issue which is why I write to you on self condemnation.

It might not seem great but what gives it such attention as “great” is because of the power of the mind. It is quite obvious that we don’t know what happens in the mind of a child but let’s guess: a child pulls himself up to the table because his mother left a bowl of his favourite cereal on the table. His hand can’t reach it if he keeps sitting so he tries to act like his mum and dad who walk about all day, picking up whatever they feel like.

He has memories, images etc registered in his mind and that pushes him up. These images say- “you can do it too little Bob”. He finds out however that it isn’t easy, he is in pain and then he falls down, he doesn’t stop there, he tries and tries then he sits back to either cry or focus his attention on something else.

The idea is simple- there’s always something going on in your mind that either pushes you forward or pulls you backward. The question is what is it? We try and we try hard at a lot of things but when we get it wrong, we often sit and cry or just simply shut our dreams out.

People hurt us and we forgive them but we often don’t learn how to do so for ourselves. It’s better to accept that it isn’t wrong to get things wrong, it isn’t wrong to fall or fail. It’s not wrong to have enemies and it isn’t wrong to be rejected. These things are almost inevitable. Almost everyone has had a square meal of either of these.

Also, you cannot shut it out, in other words you cannot run from it. You have to learn to grow through situations. Little Bob always had two voices- one said, “You can do it, come on”, another said, “it hurts, let’s cry, mama will give us the dish anyway”.

These two voices are always in our minds, one tells you to keep moving and another tells you to feel sorry for yourself, pity your state. Friend, self condemnation kills growth. There’s so much to do and encouraging yourself is worthwhile than saying sorry to yourself.

Stop seeing wrongs in yourself especially when you have been forgiven. Everyone deserves a clean slate when they have been forgiven. Don’t mess your clean slate. A mad man never believes he is mad so also, you will never believe you are mad when you are sane. What you think and believe is quite a strong factor. Above all people see and say about you, choose and choose wisely. Never condemn yourself, you are always better than who you are right now.

Till we meet again, your better days are yet to come. Live freely, don’t give yourself problems, stay happy. For your suggestions and personal questions, please contact us via our mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com or info@hisrulepub.com.ng Feel free to drop your comments and questions in the box below. Get a letter anonymously written to you, I’d be expecting your mail. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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