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Dear friend,

Honestly the subject matter for today is quite overwhelming and filled with suspense. I can actually read if not all but a bit of your thoughts on this.

What party? Where’s it happening? Well, this party has been going on for a while. It happens right in our minds, conversations and in our daily lives.

Once in a while, everyone craves for a time out. A time to have fun and perhaps take a break. Really, have we ever thought of how often that break snoops in.

There are certain categories of people who take breaks because there are unnecessary and necessary breaks. A short story that was shared with me recently got me wondering. It goes thus: A fisherman while washing his nets and spreading them on the shore, was approached by a young man. The young man claimed to be very knowledgeable and quite a good business analyst. He had some questions for Mr.Fisherman.

He began by asking, do you know you can actually sell beyond the fish market, why don’t you approach companies? He asked further, do you know that thereafter you can form an association amongst your fellow fishermen and start a production and packaging firm? Finally do you know that this little idea can make you a multi millionaire?

The Fisherman looked at him and replied with a simple question: what happens when I go through all this to become a millonaire? The young man replied that he could then get a country house by the beach where he could spend time with his family at old age. The Fisherman didn’t seem interested and explained that this was exactly what he did everyday so why wait so long to still get to the same destination. He was well to do and he had comfort.

The moral lesson of that story was to explain how we chase so many things to earn the same comfort a common man gets.  Have you ever wondered why the common man is in no way compared to the wise man? The common man has a lot to offer but is filled with the thoughts of rest as he has done what he can and that’s all! (Do you feel this way?) The wise man has too much to offer and he knows it. He wishes to impact his generation and will in no way leave without causing you and I to remember his name.

Friend, it should be important to you that leaving your name in a government birth and death register is not enough. What happened to your country’s most influential list? Why can’t your name be found there?

Seriously friend, being passive towards this cannot help, this is why we have so many questions to answer. One man sits down to plan a future and he doesn’t wish to rest even though he just made a million but you just made a 100,000 and you want to party. The rich get richer through certain means and partying isn’t one of it. The club owners hardly party in the club.

Do you know that the rich party to earn business contacts and cause a commercial proposition with their old clients? What’s your motive?

Friend, I write to you today reminding you that time is a necessary factor in all we do. You cannot keep doing the right things at the wrong time. Your little victory isn’t a cause to party. Your disappointment isn’t a reason to drink away your sorrows, you’ll wake up full-headed and not light-headed. A simple life isn’t the same as a common life, so put in more effort.

Religion and social beliefs shouldn’t stop you from making an impact. There’s something only you can do and it gets better. Maybe you just need to leave the party or make some contacts at the party. It’s either of the two.

Till, we meet again, dear friend- live your dream and keep pushing, maybe it really isn’t time to party yet. When you really do want to celebrate, it’s called a celebration with the people who love you and want the best from you. They don’t want you to lavish your earnings to please them.

Friend, I do hope to hear from you. Please send your suggestions, questions  and comments to us at: hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Feel free to drop your comments in the box below.

Yours truly,

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