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Dear friend,

With great joy, I write to you today. Friends are like ladders, helping you climb with ease. As a friend, I wish to share with you the subject “patience”.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick”- we all have high hopes over a lot of issues, critical issues in fact, and when they aren’t met we suddenly feel sick. It takes patience not to just hope on a miracle but to hope on God.

These are two different things, how? Hoping on a miracle keeps you looking forward to a miracle, the mind then places an imaginary period. The moment you do not get it, you just lose hope and become discouraged. Hoping on God is quite different as you switch your perspective from a miracle to God. This gives room for patience and trust. Hoping on God means being faithful even while waiting. The miracle comes as an advantage when you hope on God.

Someone once said to me, “How would it feel if you could just act for a minute like nothing is wrong and use that minute to dance?” Friend, it felt so good, I became instantly merry. Patience is quite a virtue. It isn’t accompanied with a frown however. Patience can be defined as faithfulness in silence.

There are so many doors which you have fought through because your way was filled with worry and grumbling. Some people cannot sit comfortably for an hour without grumbling over inefficient workers not attending to them even if those workers were told to test their patience.

There is too much focus on our expectations, this is why we lose patience. Our expectations overwhelm us so much that we lose focus on God who can help us.

Friend, I’m not writing to give you more hope than you already have. I’m not writing to tell you all will be well. Rather, I want you to see and think differently as wealthy men actually owe more than poor men; they have more bills to pay than poor men. I trust that as you mature, you increasingly earn more but you must know that as you mature, the responsibilities increase. Your attitude right now determines your tomorrow.

Patience is what should be your attitude because you will get stuck and only patience will make you keep track with your dreams believing that your day will be bright. Sometimes, we need to remember that humans have at their disposal the ability to work but they aren’t the cause of their increase. We don’t need to worry about what we cannot do rather we need to be patient and sometimes take a break.

Our task this week is practically to release ourselves from the wall of doubt and worry. Learn to shake off all the worry. Surround yourself with friends who speak positively and learn to speak positively too. God is never late even though it seems so to us.

Till we meet again, dear friend be patient because it is a rare virtue.  No matter the pressure, don’t let impatience lead you into doing things that are not legitimate. For your suggestions and questions, you can send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com.  Feel free to also drop your comments in the comments box below.

Yours truly,

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