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Dear friend,

With great joy do I write to you today. I write to you on the subject, scars. Scars are signs of a trauma, it tells constantly that something happened at one time or the other; something that if not handled carefully, could keep tears rolling down your eyes.

As one friend to the other, scars are indeed deep, it is a reminder of the past, worse is it remains stuck. For years, I have noticed a scar on my father’s arm, and for a fact, he sees it as victory, as a testimony. Amongst so many in an accident, only two survived and he was one of the two. It’s been beyond the tragedy of it to him. It takes me to honor the fact that it’s not the scar but what you see each time you look at it.

We all have pains attached to yesterday. Some close to our hearts left without saying good bye, they just walked away and we couldn’t let go of the times we shared with them. You wake up each morning, remembering when you woke up side by side and gave yourselves a hi-five. Reality has come however and it’s here to stay. Some have also died, some even said, “get out of my life” without any valuable reason yet it still is reality. We cannot change it. What do we do?

As I write this letter, I can not say, I have no scars but I can say that we cannot weep over our pains forever. A scar is like a piece of skin you lost that when it healed, had marks which left questions. One day it wouldn’t matter, you’ll be far away to even remember how you looked like. It’s the same today even while you are here on earth.

They left because they had to, you lost it because its time was up. They left because they had no share in your tomorrow. They left because they had fulfilled their purpose, perhaps they weren’t attached to your glory days. You lost them because there was some other role they had to play elsewhere. The truth is nothing happens without the fulfillment of the course of the supernatural on the natural. There is God nodding a yes to the course of actions taking place, so just move on!

Don’t sit yourself to weep any more or wallow in regrets, take a break and laugh.

Till we meet again, dear friend let go of the scars, rejoice in them- you haven’t lost all. For your suggestions and questions, please drop a message beneath and do feel free to drop your comments.

Yours truly,


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