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Dear friend,

It’s another moment with you once more this week. I really wish we learn a watchword for the week. The subject matter we will be discussing is on the man searching for love.

Too many people today are searching for love. They are in dire need of someone who would just settle them in their arms. This isn’t impossible but this search is most of the time cut short. Love is the juice of life; it is the sweetness. It actually keeps a man alive to know that someone cares. Some just search for this love because they need someone who can make them hope again.

Friend, love however isn’t something far fetched. Love begins with God. God made you and loves you. Parents may forsake you, friends may, when you need them the most but God is always there for those who acknowledge him. To get his love, you need to acknowledge it.

Furthermore, love begins when you learn to show it to yourself. Learning to love yourself is very important. When you do, you learn not to search for love in unnecessary places.

It was important to share how many people search for love because of this. When you love yourself, you learn to value yourself. You learn to understand that you are not a slave to anyone’s love.

Many people are slaves to what or who they count as love. People are addicted to drinking because that’s where they find love but that’s not love. People are slaves to lovers because they feel love can only be found there, “I want to search no more”, they say.

My friend, rise up, wipe your face and face your mirror. Love has an order- the creator, the creature and the creation. It starts from God to yourself and to others. Love can never make you a slave. The Almighty hasn’t made you a slave so why should you allow yourself to be one under anyone.

This search has pushed a lot of people to do what they never thought they could. Your loneliness is because you aren’t looking deeply into yourself. You aren’t seeing into yourself to find out what makes you special above all your problems and criticisms.you aren’t realising how much your creator cares about you.

Friend, what makes the search wrong is when you miss that order. Friend you cannot love anyone if you haven’t learned to love yourself. Note that loving yourself is far beyond spending on yourself. It’s doing the right things to yourself at the right time, it is valuing yourself.

Till we meet again, dear friend, love isn’t blind, with your eyes open you can see it, as it is never far. Our watchword- you are not a slave to any man’s love.

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Yours truly,

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