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Dear friend,

With great joy do I write to you today. It’s a new week and of course with lots of opportunities. Making the same mistakes we made last week may just cut off our great expectations, this is why I write to you on the subject, “attention seeking”.

Attention seeking occurs as a result of fear for the future and lack of self esteem. It happens in such a way that it is never obvious to its victim. When I am an attention seeker, I tend to be more focused on my needs and paramountly it would take a milestone for me to accept my errors even when friends tell me rather I would turn it against them, my words would be, “you guys just don’t care!”. As an attention seeker, I cannot have a personal energy level, I would have to build my energy from groups of people just to give the notion that I’m part of something. In other words, being an attention seeker often drags one to people who are practically wrong company. Seeking attention is synonymous to craving for a strong sense of importance because self esteem has been lost.

It really wouldn’t be a problem if attention seeking was categorized as one of the traits of being an extrovert who just enjoys being around people. The irony of it is wanting to be the center of all discussions and refusing to acknowledge the needs of others around. Attention seekers, simply put are “me-people”.

Friend, I’m writing to you not to separate people into categories but to express greatly the need for people who have fallen into attention seeking to recognize their value. You would only seek attention when you feel neglected. Friends are meant to complement you as well as you are meant to complement them.

Coming out of this character involves self-building. It involves believing in yourself and respecting others. Every man is endowed with talents and gifts which makes him stand out among his peers. In due course of life, it is realized that you alone can do at least one thing better than anyone else if only you believe. So, you need to realize your self-worth.

The fact that everyone stops calling you on the phone isn’t a reason to run into your shell,  this is another reason why you must value yourself. As much as they could be busy, you can also get busy. The world keeps moving and time waits for no man. Rather than seeking attention, learn to search within yourself and dig out the precious hidden talents.


In all, it is however important to also appreciate friends even when you don’t seek their attention. Ensure never to restrict your views to yours alone. There is a need to widen your scope/view because when you see from only one angle, you remain a me person.

In conclusion, seeking attention makes us selfish and prone to anger as soon as things don’t go our way. We need to watch our attitude, do we have an insatiable thirst for attention, ” I just want to feel important “-thoughts, then we need to work on our self-worth. No one can build you better than God and yourself.

Till we meet again next week, do ensure to send us your questions and suggestions to our mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Please do drop your comments, I’d be  expecting them. Have an awesome week.

Yours truly,

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