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I wish I could take away the pains that bring tears down your face, because seeing you in this state puts me in worries. I would love to tell you this face to face but since you are far away I decided to write this to you.

I have seen aged men and women weep over the loss of a close person, I have seen beautiful ladies cry over broken relationships, I have also seen handsome guys cry over a confused life or a carryover in a university course. This has explained alot to me. Everyone goes through one difficult obstacle or the other in life.

It might not be your fault that you are currently in the mess you are in now, but it will now be your fault if you remain in that state. What actually makes a situation worse than it’s real image is our reaction. We often aggravate little issues and give ourselves headaches over it. I’m really happy that you haven’t give up, am grateful to God that you didn’t allow the situation make you commit suicide. It’s enough reason to praise God that there is hope for a solution.

I learnt alot from one of my mentors, Bro David in the Bible. After he had soaked himself in tears before God expressing his pain, at the end of his expression, he always stood back to challenge the situation. That’s what i want you to do today.

It’s time to challenge the situation, it’s time to make a new plan on how to move the mountain away, it’s time you take some new actions. It’s time for you to make some critical decisions that will change your life.

Life is only at wits end when you call it so to yourself. There are so many opportunities still waiting for you. While covering your face in tears, you would walk past your doors of opportunities without knowing. Pick up your pieces and move on. No one can help you as much as you can for yourself.

Till we meet again, dear friend you are better than your yesterday, the earlier you wipe away your tears, the better. Friend, this is also a reminder to our friends who are sullen and depressed, help them up- the future is for those who are ready to take hold of their day.

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