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Dear friend,
It’s been a long break and I do hope you have been hale and hearty. I am indeed more than happy to write this letter to you. 2017 is well gone, never to return, the errors and mistakes are gone too; our successes and achievements give us reasons to push further because it’s glories too are gone, there’s a need for something better now.
2017, in other words, is past us and here comes 2018. In the Nigerian way, today would be it’s naming ceremony. So I write this to let you name it for how you want it to be.
Friend, I’m sure you had expectations when you slept and woke up to see the year 2017, it seemed almost not worth it to celebrate the birth of 2018, (for some, you felt, you just weren’t done with 2017 and here comes another one). You had a lot to reflect on from 2017, you lost friends, family, businesses and perhaps your dreams seemed to dive into the deep and now the question is: how do I pick up?
I love a quote which says: “You didn’t come this far to get this far”, you embarked on a journey from the day of your birth till this moment, it’s been a battle from the start- you have decided not to let the battle overtake you, which is why you are still living, my advice- DON’T LET GO!
Thinking of starting over? Start by forgiving those who hurt you and making peace first with yourself and those you hurt if you can. Key into diligence and resilience in all you do; remember no one can run your vision better than you because you see it. So be diligent, pay attention to whatever talent or dream you have and make sure you fight for it, there are lots of dream killers in disguise as friends so help yourself by being resilient no matter what may come your way.
How to start isn’t the problem, we have started over so many times; so it should be different this time, learn to stay focused and not waiver and learn not to sell your dreams.
Till we meet again, don’t quit friend, you have come so far, don’t let it go over a little push, remember the battle continues. There is always a place for a new strategy, a new drive, a new network of friends/ new team mates.
Do drop your comments and suggestions below, I’d love to have them. For a letter written directly to you and questions, please send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a blessed week.
Yours truly,

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