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Letter to Mr.Pride

Dear friend,

I cannot describe my joy in writing to you today but another issue has been brought before us and I cannot help but say from my heart the pain it has caused.

It is acceptable to say that every man has a self pride, we all have an urge to be exalted and it can sometimes be a battle especially when we cannot identify it.

A common question ¬†our elders ask when we commit an offence and decide to feel right is “Do you know how many rain and sun has fallen on my head?” Indeed it is funny hearing it at first but thinking deeply we learn a lot from it:

Well, not all who have been in many rains before you, can boast of having wisdom but they can at least say they know the rain that brings with itself dust and the type that brings a cool and clear breeze. In other words, they know what you don’t know. We are in a very technical age and the world is moving fast, youths of today have a lot to boast about but there are some trees that need to be dealt with from the roots. The bad part is, the people we neglect and feel we know more than are more conversant with the roots. Friend, you don’t know it all.

Pride is what makes you fight over unnecessary  rights. Most times an argument can be doused before it begins if we just check the gains and the losses. We all demand respect but it is good to appreciate the respect and confidence you have in yourself. Mr. Pride wants to let all and sundry know what he has, how he got it, and most of all he talks at people not to people.

Friend, when you talk at people, you deliberately want to pull them down, you want to belittle them even if it’s an enemy, it’s simply pride. The hurtful fact about pride is it goes before destruction, a proud man keeps himself in a competition in which losing is like death and worse off he cannot accept or be told his mistakes because no one can even talk to him. He places himself beyond people.

Pride is not as evident as it seems till it destroys. A good way to know when it is lurking is in a man who doesn’t listen. Never wait for someone older than you to correct you, anyone can and in any position. Accepting yourself as a mortal man can help in pulling pride away. You are not all-knowing, so give room for knowledge. You are not all-powerful, rely on God and do not boast of your strength. You are not present in all places and at all times, appreciate every experience and everyone that comes your way. When we realise how frail we are, we know indeed that we are nothing but dust. Head knowledge and personal experience will fail but if you will just leave your trophy room, you’ll realise that there’s more.

Till we meet again next week dear friend, do well to write back and tell us what you want us to write on next.

Yours truly,

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