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Dear friend,

It’s a cool evening and I hope you had a great day. Each time I pick my thoughts into ink, it feels like an adventure re-explored and I’m glad I have the opportunity to share it with you.

Now, these words sparked such a great interest in me just recently, “Why are you angry?”- of course I was angry at that moment and I really didn’t want anyone to know that- and so a little war ensued between the person that asked and I. Innocent individual caught up in my rage, well that caused me to write this.

Friend, often times we get caught up in an inner rage, it is however important to note that except you believe you are hot-tempered and hard to get along with you won’t fall into an outburst all the time. We in fact need to practise patience all the time so as not to fall into an outburst. Everyone is prone to anger, we only decide if to react or get over it. The way we choose to laugh, we can also choose to burst out anger.

The inner rage always begins with a seed, and then more seeds before boom(yeah, not bloom), it bursts and you feel weak for holding in so much. The seed is gotten from your environment and the kind of words you let into yourself (this includes the people who say them). So it’s not unusual when a certain statement keeps pricking you, you let it pass but it keeps coming. All the outburst needs is a pinch from one little incident that carries no weight, perhaps a slight misunderstanding.

My angry friend isn’t an angered person but one who allows the feeling of anger and bitterness grow till it bursts. You can never know a man is angry except he shows it. We can always deal with our feelings if we learn how they work and how to control them instead of them controlling us.

Friend, I’m not writing to play a victor in this aspect as I have been there, so we can all walk out of it and become more productive. So if there was an outburst, be quick to say sorry especially for the transferred aggression. Also be quick to forgive yourself-guilt helps no one.

More so friend, do not forget that we can decide to give in to the outburst or pick up a positive emotion to fill in, sometimes crying is positive. I’d really love you to know more about this-click on this link ( http://tiny.cc/lwvi3y )to register for a Free conference on emotional cage

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Yours truly,


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