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Dear friend,
I hope you are hale and hearty. Staying safe is of utmost priority at this time and in this situation, we must continually hope for the best. While we stay indoors, boredom isn’t far away but we can always do something about it which is why I write to you today.

Friend, I’m hoping you aren’t alone, if you are, social media has got virtually everyone of us covered. We’ve seen quite a number of challenges to kill boredom, however boredom isn’t a route to foolishness to kill time. Be wise enough to know what you are doing, not using boredom as a leverage.

With boredom comes cravings, I’ve been craving parfait for sometime now, it’s practically a “dopamine” to boredom not just to me but to a lot of people as social media has been riding on pictures of people taking parfait, hence the crave. It’s not just affecting me but a lot of people out there and perhaps you are also craving it right now so we can confirm. People are closer to their phones more than ever so we get to rub off on each other, craves, thoughts, wants and envy…

Friend, I’ll continue with envy. A lot of people are working despite the lock down doing so much that we begin to envy their lifestyles or the things they have. We’ve “unwarrantedly” gotten a tour of most celebrity houses already because of course, we are bored and closer to our phones, hence, the crave for what they have—envy.

While this epistle can go on exposing virtually the new and awkward character formations boredom has brought to us on a platter, what do we do friend?

Firstly, as one friend to another, don’t forget yourself, in fact, get better at building you amidst this boredom. Many of us will wake up from this lock down worse off and emotionally drained because we’ve been looking at others and not taking time to improve on ourselves. It is said that everyone has a “dopamine”(a pleasure booster), so choose yours carefully.

Take time to build rather than rant about what others are building especially when they don’t even know you. Spend time building yourself by reading and developing your skills. Please friend, don’t just pick up a new skill when you havent brushed up the old ones you have. Don’t gain a skill, you’re not ready to build an experience in because others are doing it. It’s time to live the life.

Boredom shouldn’t be a pressure factor, boredom leading to pressing hunger shouldn’t push you to drop great values. Friend, it’s time to build and not get carried away, it’s time to laugh and enjoy what you do have gratefully, and not become sober for what you don’t have. It’s time to get better at what you do and not light up candles you aren’t willing to watch.

Till we meet again, create better decision markers than boredom, remember boredom doesn’t build consistency which helps you achieve your goals, thats the work of discipline and determination. Do drop a comment, what’s your view on boredom? For personal questions or suggestions send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.comor via whatsapp at 09057180149. Have a great day!

Yours truly,


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