Dear friend,


With great pleasure do I write to you today. It’s a new week and just to make it a lot more fun, I thought to share this with you. I write to you about maturity.


Maturity isn’t particularly the stage where you attain a certain age or when you begin to look older, ladylike or grown-man-like, it’s much different in the context of this letter. Maturity is the shedding off of the old skin- the skin of grudges, hate, anger, constant blaming of others for personal mistakes to something more mature- a calm mind, patience, love and self discipline.


A mature person is a very respectable individual and as such protects his/her personality by being at peace even when people don’t want to be at peace with him/her. Mature people learn to control their tongues and feelings. If you talk a lot, definitely you may end up in unnecessary quarrels with people also if you cannot control your temper and decide to burst each time someone steps on your toes, you can’t be called mature.


Mature people don’t fight for rights, they know they are mature and need no affirmation because they live up to the expectations of being mature. These expectations aren’t necessarily providing the needs of everyone or being a figure head, it is taking proper responsibility over anything given to you and willing to accept the blame even when things go wrong.


It is so delicate to be called mature even as a leader because you may also bear the blame for a problem caused by a follower. So, mature people are first of all responsible for their actions and they learn not to push blames over actions taken under their watch.


However, as we act mature in character, we should try to influence those around us. Mature people often fall into nets of responsibilities so if you can deal with those around you, unnecessary problems wouldn’t arise. If you cannot deal with them, be selective with the people around you. Mature people have a good network of people.


Till we meet again, dear friend, align yourself to maturity, think right and act right. Feel free to drop your comments, suggestions, and questions below. For your personal questions message us at [email protected] Have an awesome week and share this with a friend.


Yours truly,


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