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Dear Friend,

It feels great writing to you at this time after a long and rainy week. The sun’s up, who dominates the sky if I may ask? I guess we’d drag on that some other time. Today I’m writing to you about being real.

Being real is pretty serious at this time, it’s not what a lot of people want to talk about because we often love to admire the fake giving no room for the real to surface. The fake life pushes industries as we try to look like what or who we are not.

So today’s not one of those days with a popular demand, there’s a reason behind me writing this to you, friend.

About 2 months ago I met a fan of a popular artiste in Nigeria, he is a simple man, a commercial driver. I met him while he was driving to a concert, he had the artiste’s song playing loudly in his vehicle, he was singing loudly too. I started a conversation which made him explain that he couldn’t wait to get to this concert, he said people didn’t know his real name, rather he is addressed by the artiste’s name because of his love for him. It’s awesome to watch the love of fans, it is not awesome to lose yourself in someone else.

It might sound less serious but losing your identity in someone who has gotten himself one makes you a photocopy of the original.

Friend, the pressure is real, I feel it every day, just the same way you do. An older friend recently complained that the youths are too busy, but the youths are busy so you know that they are busy. The hustle is only abused when hustling to keep a face that’s not yours and societal standards.

Sincerely, some have nothing to eat and some who do, complain of no toppings to compliment the meal. Give me a moment to laugh, friend.

Friend, it is your decision to look at your future, and focus on being the man/woman you see in it and better than him/her. No one understands the daily ridicule as much as you do yet don’t give in to allowing societal pressures change your identity.

You are here not to please anyone. Your identity is important, it is necessary to know you for who you are on the day opportunity meets with you.

The photocopy no matter how smoothly done can never be the original. Till we meet again friend, be real. Do drop your comments below and send us a direct message for your personal questions at hisrulepublications@gmail.com or 09057180149. We are always ready to chat, friend. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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