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Dear friend,

I guess I’m back with another sizzling letter to you. However, as a good friend I hope your week started well. We can’t hold off the rain and we pretty much don’t know when it’s going to take a pause so, always be umbrella-ready. Being teachable is our topic, why?

I’m guessing you are either a young adult or an adult, and there’s quite a number of things you want the older and younger generation to know about you but the problem is they keep seeming unwilling to listen. You are not alone. No matter how humble you are, you are most likely proud about your knowledge. It’s not wrong…

Along the line, however, we realise how much more we don’t know. Teachability is beyond the skill you possess. In every area, we should be willing to learn. If you never knew that electricity had the capacity to heat up water you might have judged the lady trying to plug the electric kettle—like, “what is this lady up to again? Let her not burn the house”. Honestly, friend lack of knowledge makes us judge situations wrongly.

It takes a teachable mind to listen sadly: how many people are ready to step out of their knowledge circle to be vulnerable and learn? Friend, remember how many times a conversation could have gotten interesting if only you admitted that you didn’t know the answer to a question only to go back to your search engine. You learnt but you sadly cannot undermine the experience that could have been discussed based on the issue.

Life’s teachings are learnt in life and embedded in flesh and blood whom we look past daily. It hurts to think of failed bonds and relationships because of our unwillingness to be taught about the emotions of others. Teachability has indeed moved beyond the words in ink and hands on skills. It takes a level of maturity to be taught about the people in your life by themselves.

Friend, my letter to you will not neglect the humility to learn in all spheres of your work life but I’m writing so you pay attention to those younger than you who think you can never understand because you have refused to be taught and to those older who think you lack respect because you have refused to humble yourself to learn.

Everyday is a school day, with lessons to be revealed in the pages of life, friend I hope you learn. Till we meet again, be teachable. Do subscribe for more updates from us and drop a comment. For personal questions send us a direct message at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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