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Dear friend,

It feels refreshing as I write this letter to you. The weather is quite cold here yet cool and calm so it’s a good day, I hope yours is too. Today, I picked up my pen to write to you about competition.

It is note-worthy to say life is not a competition especially when we do not bear time tags to see who would finish the race first. However here comes what the true competition is. We know and have heard that we should compete with ourselves but the lines are often left open without much of an idea of what to do and how to compete with one’s self.

You are not the same height you used to be at age 5, so that’s a start, the features and mental reasoning you have has changed(developed) from what it used to be. Capacity increases with growth getting better beyond the norm falls in your court.

You can and you should compete with yourself friend. The truth is some of us might never challenge ourselves beyond what our parents/environment/guardians have deposited in us.

Competing with your yesterday means getting built in knowledge, physically and mentally beyond what others have added to you. Competing in the market place means making your product number one and watching your space for when it drops to number two. It is fighting daily for your number one spot and focusing so hard on the people who matter in the game, definitely not those competing with you.

There’s a spot for everyone, a medal at the end of the game, you choose your spot and compete with yourself daily to retain the best spot.

Competition once more is not comparing yourself with the guy trying to catch up with you. When the first place runner keeps looking back at the second place runner, he quickly loses focus. Those behind you are running forward not backwards, if you are in front the idea is to keep building, keep training, keep thinking up ideas. The man with the many ideas is the man who remains in the trend.

It is obvious friend that competition is about you and what you do with yourself. No one can catch up with you till you let yourself go. The ball is always in your court to chase after yourself even if no one is in front of you.

Till we meet again, get better than who you were yesterday, those you think are better than you have only sharpened themselves, do same.

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Yours truly,


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