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Dear friend,

With time I’ve come to understand that there is no courage without the presence of fear, in fact why fear not if there are/were no fears in the first place. Friend this is my nerdy self saying I can speak about fear anytime any day because I also have them. Forgive my manners friend as this is a burning issue, I hope your week started out well, and I hope you are relaxing as you read my letter to you.

Everyone has fears but often times we cannot name them. The most fearful people are often invulnerable—they don’t discuss their fears either with themselves or with anyone. In order to face something, you must be able to identify it. So, friend, the first question you should ask is: what are my fears?

Feel free to write them down as they come to you and talk to a friend about it if need be. Opening up about your fears is deliberately exposing yourself to them, letting yourself out of their cage in order to tackle them.

Courageous people learn to be bold enough to face the fears they have. Friend think about the fear of marriage after going through an abusive home or the fear of failure in life after failing in school; there are so many fears borne out of experiences we have had or heard. Fears are consistently registered to our subconscious mind and getting rid of them will take a conscious effort on our part. The next step then is to work in reverse by doing those things your fears would have stopped you from. Afraid of starting a business? Start, afraid of failing in the process of getting a degree? Start the process. Take the bold step which fear has been stopping you from.

Finally, friend, fear takes control of our sound mind, it is a force against your mental balance. Understand that the control is with you and not your environment, the key to its cage is with you and you can set yourself free whenever you are ready, friend.

My letter to you is deliberately broken down into steps—start today by taking control and breaking the limits placed by fears in your life.

Till we meet again, take control friend. Have you got any questions? I would be glad to get them, feedbacks included, send me a message at info@hisrulepub.com.ng or via whatsapp at 08136621133. Do subscribe for daily posts and drop a comment. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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