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Dear friend,

I hope my letter meets you hale and hearty. I hope your weekend was fulfilling and I hope this new week starts on a good note. My letter to you today is a piece of me and as I write, be sure to know that it isn’t fiction.

Over the years, personally and as a writer I have garnered followers, whom on a honest note seem impossible to reach out to and on most days reply to on my personal social media page because of how the messages increased by the day. It seemed overwhelming time and time again to sift out those who messaged with wrong intentions and those who had the right intentions. So at a juncture, I left the messages till it piled up.

Few years down the line, I see this guy running for the post of the House of Representatives and guess what he is my friend on social media, he requested, I didn’t. He must have struck a conversation, I didn’t reply. Lost in a sea of messages was his and at the very moment when I need a passage into the government house, the connect I had, had been lost. This is why I’m writing to you about connection.

Just in case, dear friend, you are still passionate against connections, I think it’s time to rethink. The Holy Book, in the words of Jesus say, “…good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom…”
(referenced from Luke 6:38 KJV). Men have to give to you, in other words you need men as much as you need God. You need to connect to men as much as you have connected to God, yourself, your dreams and purpose. The role of man is very important in your life.

Even if you owned an estate friend, you cannot be the gate keeper to all houses. As a matter of fact a landlord may have to think twice before breaking into the property he has rented out. To attain access into some places, you need people.

When I say connect, please do not be quick to term it wrongly. You need friends, you need a social capital who can speak for you, you need acquaintances who you leave a lasting impression on and are willing to meet or work with you again (this includes a security man literally).

In attaining a level of connection that makes men bring to you, you must learn to give—respect to people no matter their status, emotionally by listening to them and learning to understand them first for them to understand you, financially or in kind by gifting them (note this isn’t bribe, you can also gift your time/presence to people).

Giving is so important even to our immediate families, being present to bond is another form of building connections as you cannot withdraw from an account you never deposited in. This is the sad realisation of some parents at old age whom their children avoid like a plague because they still see them as they did when they were five(5). Ridiculous right? Yet true. Include relationship building in your retirement plan.

Connections aid you to ask because quite true, you must open your mouth to ask and then receive. Friend I want to leave you with a question, what account have you been depositing into?

Do drop a comment on this, I would love to hear more from you. Remain awesome and send us a message for personal questions at hisrulepublications@gmail.com or message us directly at 08136621133.

Yours truly,


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