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HRP LETTER SERIES: Letter to my friend about friendship 2

Dear Friend,

It seems like forever writing to you, it also feels like a good time to kick start our friendship once more. You’ve sure read the story Demi and Jesse in the part 1 of this letter, if you haven’t, do click on this- https://hisrulepub.com.ng/hrp-letter-series-letter-to-my-friend-on-friendship/, it would be necessary along the line.

Like Demi and Jesse, Friendship is to reveal the child in us, the inner carelessness, trust, forgiveness, empathy and connection without attachment to material possessions. However, we all have specific definitions that are quite complacent to us- to some, a friend is someone who is always there for them and to some others, the relationship exists simply because of a need for help. These definitions are simple yet largely recognised. The phrase, ‘ a friend in need is a friend indeed’ doesn’t state who a true friend
is rather it tells the character of this friend.

Furthermore, basing friendship on the fact that you always get something from him/her is dangerous. The mind is trained by consistency, the moment that is gone, you’re left with a sick heart. If you’ve gotten so used to Yes, you don’t want to hear No, I can assure you.

Friendship is deeper than what we wish to get. It’s true that friendship is deliberate in fact it’s not right to be friends with someone you learn nothing from and always lose something for. However, the point of my letter to you is to check with your motives. Don’t be the friend in need who always needs the friend indeed.

Friendship is a two-way road, it’s different from a mentor-mentee relationship where the odds might favor the mentee. It’s a relationship with two people mostly heading the same way together, they don’t have to be financially on the same level but the creation of a support system not a parasitic relationship is key.

I’m writing to tell you friend, that we might have to revisit our definition of friendship. Start by asking yourself, why is Mr. /Ms./Mrs.A my friend? What kind of relationship do we have? Understand that there’s a purpose for everything including friendship. Ask yourself the right questions and if you’re bold enough ask your supposed friend.

Till we meet again, do friendship right. Do drop a comment, let’s move this conversation forward. Send us a mail for any topic you’d like us to discuss at hisrulepublications@gmail.com.

Have a great week!
Yours truly,

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