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Dear friend,

It truly feels great writing to you today. I hope your weekend went well. As we usher ourselves into this brand new week, I write to you on greed.

Greed is quite common today, friend. It’s not done in secret. I guess we nurtured it and groomed it to adulthood without even realizing what we were doing.

You know friend, isn’t it baffling to hear people speak of being gifted in numbers for a bet game? How about the kids we nurture who want their food and yours even when they are satisfied, constantly? Everyone wants more and more is not enough. Greed for me is simply when our desires overtake us, it is when our desires overtake the right principles meant to guide us through life.

The principles of hard work and contentment is gradually leaving our sphere. I still can’t imagine why Baba Bolaji would do something as humiliating as resorting to internet fraud even when he had enough. Mama Uzor right down my street uses religion to extort money from Christians, making them feel obligated and using her greed as a drive toward her purpose.

Friend, the sad fact is most of us are greedy and we don’t even know it. Yes, we can’t be contented with nothing but we should with what we have while working to get better. Greed often begins when we envy what others have and look for shortcuts to it, so we can stand around and pride ourselves that we also have.

Greed can be associated with not just money but friends and even relationships. People sometimes want your friends or your spouse. It is sickening because it pushes people to bring the worst out of themselves. We cannot blame a country for corruption when we are the country and most of us are corrupt by our greedy practices.

Friend, you can’t always have what you want, it’s sad but true. We all have our times and seasons, yours is not far off. Greed seems to pay but why is it a cycle? why do we get addicted? I guess it’s not enough to satisfy us too.

Till we meet again, the corrupt nation isn’t far away, it’s right in front of us. It’s the people we see everyday addicted to greedy practices. Friend, I’m concluding with the fact that I know it’s a struggle but we can break free, things will get better. Hugs from here! Have a great week and don’t forget to send me a message via whatsapp at 09057180149 or email at hisrulepublications@gmail.com on what you want me to write to you next week.

Yours truly,


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