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Dear friend,

I’m grateful for the time given to me to lay out my deepest concerns to you. I’m sure this trail brings with itself different moods. Today, I’m back with another. I hope my sleeping friend is awake because now it’s time to set goals.

Whatever you continually see, you eventually become. Life therefore calls for a set of systems and measures that would keep us on track. We might be able to send some friends away but some we have no choice but to live with them, for instance, family. It is bitter but true to say that family may not carry all the values you wish for in trying to mold your future. Yet you sometimes can’t run away from them, this is where a plan is important.

Friend, have you ever wondered why an architect takes his time to draw out a building plan, who lives on or in paper anyway? Nobody. However without a plan, it would be difficult to trace the flaws and errors especially when they become hidden with concrete and paint. Often, a good house with delicate structures and finishings cannot be built from the head, you cannot compare a little roadside kiosk to that house. A plan practically says how big your dream is, is it a kiosk or a house, a duplex or a skyscraper?

Nothing happens till you have it figured out and have a plan. One of the worst down moments I seem to have is when I get the writers’ block or I’m just plain confused about the next step to take. Everything comes to a halt, my escape route is to pause, take a deep breadth and decide what I want to do first. When you constantly learn to arrange your goals, things become easily and quickly done.

One part of a sleeping friend that is undeniable is the part of him not knowing what to do, so he just sleeps till he has no reach of his emotions, friend, a plan does two things; it either shows you that you are just over thinking out the fearful possibilities or you just hit something bigger than your imagination.

When it informs you of your fears, it’s time to make step by step goals to accomplishing the plan, break them into bits easily accessible and workable for you. In other words, don’t be afraid of your goals, if you can start, there is a great possibility that you will finish.

Like I said earlier, a plan keeps you on track. Friend you would need to look daily at the plan and check if you are building accordingly. Work consistently and diligently.

Everyone needs a plan, I do and you do, don’t hesitate to make one no matter how small. Do subscribe to get our daily post notifications and do drop a comment, I’d be waiting. For your personal questions, please send us a message via whatsapp at 09057180149 or send us a mail at info@hisrulepub.com.ng. Have a great week friend.

Yours truly,
His Rule Publication.

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