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Dear friend,

It’s another week and as I scribble these words, the rain painting my window with furious strokes and tiny droplets easing their way to my pillow gives me the idea of a rainy/wet Monday. Well, I hope your weekend was great, this week I write to you on the subject, honesty.


I grew up with the notion that to be honest simply meant: tell the truth and don’t steal someone’s money, let me chuckle a bit. However, honesty means honor, decency, and expressing good morals(i.e tell the truth and don’t steal someone’s money etc). It is upholding a good character, good values and principles.


We do not fail to show off these good attributes but the one man we instinctively fail to impress is ourselves. We refuse to be honest with ourselves. It’s easy to put a show for the world but it takes an extra effort to be decent in thoughts, to be truthful about who we really are.


It’s hard to live fulfilled if you aren’t fulfilled with yourself. Mary walks boldly in a designer dress and is well appreciated by anyone who catches a glance but when she goes into the wash room, she takes a deep breadth just to assure herself that she’s fine, she practices her smile and her footsteps to act in front of everyone. But the truth is, she’s sad, lonely and quite devastated but the fake air that’s not good for her isn’t good for anyone who wants to help either.


A honest man knows the truth, accepts the truth and lives by the truth-in character, action and general outlook. It would be worthwhile to go over the ancient meaning because it is still in vogue. Honesty cuts across being truthful even while the knife is on your throat. A honest person tells it for what it is.


Still in vogue, is the concept of not taking what belongs to others, now this might seem like stealing a pen, meat from the cooking pot, or pick pocketing. Well, it’s that and more: stealing the dreams of others, stealing the peace of others etc. Honesty speaks contentment, fulfilment in what is one’s own.


Am I honest? This is not to paint a saint or a devil. Friend, let’s make efforts to stick to the right values. Let’s bring good values back in vogue, honesty, no less. I would be glad to hear from you soon. send us a mail at hisrulepublications@gmail.com.

Yours truly,


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