Dear friend,

I hope this letter meets you well and I hope your week was great. I am elated writing to you today. I’m sure the week past brought with itself some wonderful surprises and not so good moments but yet we are fighting strong.

It’s yet another week and my heart burns to tell you about how the friendship bond started loosening and where we began to miss it.

They say 10 friends cannot be together for 10 years, it means to me that some good and not so good things might have happened along the way. Everyone has lost or might lose a friendship bond without even knowing and often times we name it growth…well, it’s not always growth.

Down memory lane, we should remember the friend who knew when we coughed and suddenly you saw yourselves in a bus and said, “Long time no see”, because the calls and texts became fewer.

It all started from, “I’m busy, can you call back or I’ll call you later”. Mind you this is necessary if you are busy but it’s also necessary to keep your word – call back!

We often don’t remember to call back and our friends might be at the midnight hour. It is a period where they withdraw and if they find you trust worthy enough, please play your role, if they don’t call, call. If you want friends, scatter seeds of friendship.

Friendship is hard work, it is work, you have to work it out. So it’s important to say, “show up for your friends”. Celebrate their victories and be there when they are down.

Loyal friends go out of their way to learn more and know at least a bit of the new trend a friend is talking about. We perhaps don’t communicate anymore because we don’t bother to educate ourselves on the latest interests of our friends. We started missing it when we gave the excuse of “everyone is fulfilling their own purpose, I don’t know anything about it”. Information is free. Get it, friend.

The bond started loosening up when we started hiding things from each other, one party feeling it’s not necessary and trust me friend, if you cannot tell me your secret, why should I tell you my own?

A lot of us have missed out the great benefits of the “10 year friendship”, we all had our journeys to go by but if we had learnt to bond up, we wouldn’t be having trust issues in business, relationship and family life. If we had learnt to heal, patch up, and walk the journey at least we’d have 5 out of 10 of those friends. Friend, everyone needs a friend even the friends that walked away, they once needed you.

Truly, people change, some associations are meant to be done away with but some good friendships can survive if we work harder and be good friends ourselves.

Till we meet again friend, work harder on your friendship. Indeed no man is an island. For your questions please send us a message on whatsapp at 09057180149. We want to know what you think of friendships and working them out. Drop your comments too and have yourself a great week!
Yours truly,


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