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Dear friend,
It gives me great joy to write to you today. I hope you’re hale and hearty. I also hope you’re emotionally stable and okay no matter what’s around you. I’m writing to you on the subject, loyalty.

Loyalty is hard to be honest. It is testing and very painful. Though it seems unfair to attack the character/attribute, it is true that it hurts as well as it pays to be loyal.

Loyalty is a decision to stick through to the end friend. It is a decision to stick to your leaders, to their vision or your dreams/vision. Loyalty is love in its raw state despite the hurt and trials that comes with it, loyalty doesn’t give up.

For instance, to be loyal to a person is to believe in their dreams, to partake in it and own it too in a good way. It is also to be truthful to the person and to support the person. Each time we say we are loyal, we are saying that we cover the person even when he/she does wrong and even when the wrong is taken out on us. We stand firm and never give up on him/her.

Being loyal to our dreams takes almost the same shape, especially when we set our dreams as an entity and not just a thing. It means we choose to be diligent in playing our role towards achieving it. It also means that when it is attacked by criticisms, by circumstances or challenges, we don’t flee or give up. It means we decide to cover the negatives around it with positive words because we see beyond the events around it, we see the future of where we are going to.

It is really easy to run down our dreams especially because it is intangible. Yet, being loyal to a cause keeps a check on our thoughts and words. The same way you don’t run down someone you are loyal to, don’t run down your dreams because of its beginning.

Friend, I share in the same faults of speaking harshly at a growing dream but it’s time we became loyal and in fact happy in the little efforts we have made. The last person you want to run you down is you, so don’t do it because you are a carrier of your dream. You will indeed succeed, time is a friend, hold on to it and grow to success.

Till we meet again friend, be loyal to your dreams and to your leaders. See the best in what you have. Do subscribe to get our latest posts and do drop a comment. For personal questions, message us at 09057180149 (whatsapp) or hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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