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Dear friend,

I hope you had a great weekend and a great day too. It’s a privilege writing to you today about possibilities. It simply means your unlimited abilities to be your best self.

Often times friend, I have fought with the urge to take on more or challenge myself and I know you or a friend might be going through same. We can’t fit into every hole but whenever a challenge comes our way, we most definitely can handle it. It is in fact said that your potentials bloom by the challenges you take up. In this letter to you, it would be fair enough to say challenges are energy boosters.

A man without a problem can never solve anything, if there’s no game, there’s nothing to win or lose. Your possibilities become endless when you accept that you can overcome and you have the capacity to.

Friend, if you’ve tried nothing, it’s easy to say you can’t but when you do what you thought was impossible for you, you begin to see your possibilities. Limitation is just your mind’s ability to project a roof to your flying spirit. In other words, you can always fly, you can always solve a problem, you can always earn better and do better but if your mind says No, then you won’t.

I’m writing to motivate you to drop the impossibility mindset, I’m writing to move you to break the roof of your comfort zone and fly high. Your energetic spirit isn’t enough till you begin to think with that same energy positively.

The possibilities for you in your career are endless, in your physical health, for instance fitness goals, and emotional health are endless. The truth we never want to accept is that it takes one step at a time, you can’t get to the position you envy if you don’t start with your own step.

Stop thinking it’s impossible, the first step to turning that mindset around is drawing out the excitement from it and flowing with it. If it’s not exciting, it might be impossible for you because you will never believe in it.

Till we meet again friend, go wild with your possibilities as there’s so much greatness to unlock and greater levels to reach. Be excited and believe it’s possible. Do subscribe to get our daily posts and don’t forget to drop a comment. For enquiries, please message us via whatsapp at 08136621133 or email us at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week!

Yours truly,


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