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Dear friend,

Did anyone tell you life was going to be easy? Were you told before the doctor slapped your butt as a new born? Life isn’t going to inform you either about when it would hit but you should know that it would. This is why, with all enthusiasm of course, I’m writing to you about seeking help.

It is already a mantra that no man is an island but men ought to know how to communicate with other trees.

Few years ago, I heard of a man who drowned just because he didn’t ask for help…properly. He cried for help loudly, he didn’t need to shout because well, an old man was not too far from the shore getting his boat ready. He ignored him.

When asked why? The old Fisher man said he didn’t use the key-word, “please”. Indeed ridiculous, right?

Truly, you would need the help of all kinds of people- the kind hearted, friends, family and the hard hearted. God’s no joker, everyone has something you need. For instance, this guy is a murderer, he’s got money, so he walks to a restaurant and picks up a take out meal, he poisons the meal. The restaurant got their money, they needed it, they didn’t know his occupation, don’t blame them friend, yet they got his attention somehow. We need the help of people, not everyone though. How do we get it?

First things first, be confident. Without being confident, you can’t ask for help. Build your confidence to ask when you need help. Embedded in this is humility to seek help even from people you feel are lower than you in status. Be humble enough to politely and confidently seek help.

Next, friend, understand your network. Every help is specific and it’s achievability is in respect to your network. Learn to ask yourself about the capacity of your network. If your need cannot be matched with your network at the moment, then you need to plunge yourself in the deep and you might not like it. However, with confidence you can meet with the people who can help you.

Friend, my last tip to you in this letter is to help yourself too. This is rather tricky, it goes to say that you must do what you can with the resources you have till you can expand your network or seek help. It is risky to invest in an idle person so do well to develop yourself. Whenever you wish to draw new people into your network, they seek to find their own interests too. To get their help, also do well to ask yourself how you can help them.

Till we meet again friend, be conscious as you seek help. I’m sure you will find it. Have an awesome week and don’t forget to drop a comment and subscribe to receive our daily posts.

Yours truly,

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