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Dear friend,

With great pleasure do I write to you today. I hope this meets you well and ushers you into an awesome week. Today, I write to you about showing love to people.

Love doesn’t have to boast but it actually does show itself. I once read a story which I’d love to share with you today: Little Elizabeth loved going to the park to watch the birds; her face screamed excitement each time she saw them but the problem was each time she got close they’d run away. It hurt her so much because she couldn’t get a good view of them. One day, feeling defeated as usual, she dragged her feet home but this time grandpa Tod caught her in her tracks. He asked why she had a sad face and she explained that firstly, she had no friends and she tried the birds which had caught her attention but that too didn’t work- they ran away. “Why is everyone and everything running away from me?”, she broke into tears.

Grandpa Tod felt sorry for her and asked her to wait while he got something from the house. He came back with a small bag full of seeds. Little Elizabeth didn’t understand, so he explained, ‘people and maybe birds too don’t run away from places where they find love or people who show them love. Scatter the seeds and the birds would come to you. Show love to people and they’d come to you’. Well that did the trick for Elizabeth.

Friend, we often complain about people leaving or avoiding us or even running away from us forgetting that sometimes the problem is simply from us. Of course, some people are insatiable and of course, they’d leave but that shouldn’t stop your resolve. Love is a proven game changer and no matter how long it takes, it changes things.

Perhaps you’re wondering how exactly I mean when I say show love to people, love can be expressed in many ways. Love is expressed in giving: gifts, words, time and even prayers offered for friends and people you don’t know. Gifts do not even have to be something with a huge price tag in case you’re wondering how to go about it. I’ve seen chocolate cubes do wonders.

Love can be expressed in encouragement and how you talk to people. Those who love know definitely that encouragement most times stands over advice. Some people can’t even break out from their busy lives, kind words can help them pull through. Love can also be expressed in spending time with people. Some people have no one who comes to check on them even on the sick bed, being there for them means a great deal.

Moreover, we all have a way we wish love could be expressed to us, make efforts to express same genuinely with no ulterior motives. The more seeds you scatter, the more birds that would come to you, scatter seeds of love and your impact would grow in the lives of people. Don’t look for love, be loveable.

Till we meet again next week, express love from your heart. Do well to drop a comment friend. Have an awesome week.

Yours truly,

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