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Dear friend,

I trust last week was good for you. The weather has been really cool and I do hope you’re warming up for a new week. I am of course happy to write to you this week on the topic slander.

Slander in other words means to speak ill of someone or to defame a person’s reputation. It’s not always about being the victim of slander sometimes we unknowingly engage ourselves in discussing about others and then we end up ruining their reputation even without knowing the full story.

By law, slander is a crime. Freedom of speech doesn’t cover you when you defame someone, we can be sued for that. However, our conscience is one judge to deal with when it comes to the actions we take and the words we speak.

Friend, our mouth gives way to what has been stored in the heart. Slander comes from ill feelings towards someone, it is fired by it even though the person in question is wrong.

It is quite hard not to share your views about a particular issue and when an issue is related to an individual it is sometimes harder. Some people share their view with compassion while some use it as an opportunity to express the ill thoughts they’ve had about the person.

I write however to let us know when it’s reasonable to checkmate ourselves and the kind of conversations we engage in. While speaking, especially in a small group, take time to review if the discussion is diverted to a particular person. If it is, ask yourself sincerely how you would feel if the person was you and how you’d react if you stumbled into the gathering.

At the end of defamatory conversations, some people go back to their homes with ugly views about a particular person even if the person didn’t commit half of what was said. Slander is a means of spreading false information.

Friend, there’s no completely right person. We are all wrong in one way or the other. It is wise not to jump into conclusions over people just because one person’s view. A lit room can turn red if one bulb is bright red and a lot of people would forget its natural look.

Rather than seek faults and discuss faults like a general issue, we can talk to people about their wrongs, we might just be up to hear something we never knew. Sometimes give a benefit of doubt.

Till we meet again, friend, tame your words so you don’t ruin a man’s reputation for no just cause. Learn to forgive people so you don’t let out the hurt and brokenness through defamatory statements. Finally, feel free to ask questions and drop a comment or suggestion. Have an awesome week!

Yours truly,

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