Dear friend,
Amidst the hustle and bustle, this is my final letter to you for the year 2019. It does feel good writing to you. The most beautiful part of speaking to you via these letters is the truth behind them. Contrary to what you may think right now, this is not a letter to scold you and tell you the benefits of succeeding or failing or a letter which lists out why we fail. It is different.

I’ve felt untouchable in running a business and working part time as well. Untouchable meaning perfect, nothing goes wrong and I always have it in control. And then Boom! The business grows bigger, and the job needs more attention, yet I still felt in control. The big blow came after working hours into the night and delivering a damaged work due to bad Nigerian roads and negligence of salient factors on my part. It was my first big failure as all I wanted was to disappear from the scene as you may have felt in one of your recent failures or even now as you read this and remember them. I couldn’t disappear of course, you also can’t. This was simply the aftermath of failure. It was the point where my fears had finally gained flesh.

Friend, we all have definitely failed in one area or the other in life— I stand to believe that failure is in fact sometimes a blessing—what did you do when it happened? When a first big fail happens, a lot passes through your mind, you almost promise to let go of your dreams at that point because one fear realised means the rest will follow suit. That’s the trick of a worried mind anyway so it’s far from the truth.

The aftermath of failure is a time to pick up your pieces and get back on your feet doing your best. You cannot run away from an announced dream—you cannot hide your face from something people know you for. Step up the plate and answer your name in good and in bad seasons. Say sorry where you need to and get set to move on.

It’s amazing that some people still believe in you no matter the number of failures you might have accumulated. The aftermath of failure is a time to restrategise, yes critic yourself but don’t be too hard on yourself friend—you aren’t the first to make a mistake. The key thing is to restrategise how to get better.

Till we meet again, failure sometimes teaches you to be humble and realise the things you should be grateful for because thus far you have come before the epic fail. Failure tells you the loopholes around you, it’s the ice breaker, so do take note of it as a student willing to learn. As you walk into the new year, take on a new mindset to past fails and perhaps go back to those things you dropped off after the epic fail. No dream is hitch–free.

Do drop your comments and send us a mail at [email protected] for personal questions. Happy New Year friend!

Yours truly,

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