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Dear friend,

It gives me great joy to pen my heart down on this digital paper. I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you’re all set for this new week.

I’m writing today due to the pain we nurture in our inner circle and the bonds we form. The inner circle of every man is very important, so I want to share what I think about it to you.

Friend, everyone seeks connection, a bond to grow, to belong or to receive support; whatever the reason, no one wants to be alone.

In our bid to fight loneliness, we often find it hard to get into the right circle. Funny enough, we may love to belong to a circle because they hate the same person we hate. We also become vulnerable at what they might be saying behind our backs.

We may feel a sense of togetherness, however a circle that pulls people down cannot lift you.

Your inner circle may not be identical to that of others-as long as it is genuine and makes you grow, grow with it. The inner circle isn’t specific to quiet people, only the wealthy and influential, or the spiritual, it is in fact important to have all kinds of people with a common goal and vision. It is not a selfish adventure to reach out to people who are willing to look out for you, however the connection is stronger when you do same.

It feels right to add that, there are still good people in the world to have this inner bond with, it doesn’t have to be ten people, one is enough. If you cannot find any good person in your world, be the first good person, see the best in others and show yourself friendly.

A positive circle is like a fragrance, it gets to you. Constant negativity in a circle of friends cripples growth, so if you are not getting what you want, it is not wrong to walk away. Learn to leave when respect isn’t served on the table again. Don’t force yourself to change who isn’t ready to change positively. The things we nurture in our circle tell on us when we are left alone.

Till we meet again friend, know who you spend your time with. Do send us a message on whatsapp at 09057180149 or mail us at hisrulepublications@gmail.com. Have a great week!

Yours truly,

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