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Dear friend,

You would agree with me that the title of this letter is vague till you read it whole. I really hope your weekend was wonderful, as you step into the week, I hope you fight the real fight.

Friend, the fight here isn’t the blows in a match, it’s the engagements we have with the wrong people, wrong assignments and wrong pursuits. To win there must be a fight, against your muscles, wrong habits and procrastination so you can achieve your dreams in the end.

This reminds me of an old story of a runner 10 minutes away from the finish line who stopped to settle a dispute between a man and his wife only to be told he wasn’t welcome in their conversation. He kept running and 5 minutes left, he saw an injured man with 5 people gathered around him(the injured man). He tried to help only to find out that an ambulance had been called already.

Two minutes left and an opponent’s shoe laces had come undone, he also wanted to help. Do we need to be told he lost the race?

And that’s how we try to settle disputes that take away more energy from us, how we try to help who needs no help and how we try to wear out ourselves in the fights and undoing of others. May the truth be told friend, you have a personal race in front of you. A fight to fight for your own medal and dream.

It’s sad, how much our busyness can be quite unprofitable because the fights had been wrong. If you are quite an emotional person like me, fighting your fight with much discipline may be hard work. It’s never wrong to be empathetic but pity can become abusive both on the person you’re helping and yourself.

It is always wise to remember you have dreams and a purpose to fulfil as well as others so don’t abuse your time and your health by fighting the wrong fight. You really should help when you can but you must know some people need to and can help themselves, don’t abuse their capabilities by doing it for them.

Fighting the wrong fight exists in conflicts as well. Some issues would be rather solved from the root, enabling discussions and not fighting emotions. Before you fight(tackle) know and understand what it’s about. You often need to take a step back with your head and not emotions to ask yourself if your anger or rage is worth the fight.

Relationships end up growing better by being able to identify the fights we engage in with people, things, dreams and assignments. Some people would only want to add you to their fights because of the need of a life line and to also distract you from your own fights, learn when to say NO.

Till we meet again friend, don’t struggle on something that isn’t worth your time, time itself is expensive. Choose your fights wisely, be an advocate for the right things including those in your life. Do drop a comment and subscribe friend. Have a great week!

Yours truly,


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