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It’s another great week ahead of us. I’m sure you had an amazing weekend. This week, I’m writing to share with you the opportunities of volunteering.

Volunteering hasn’t been better explored than now. The opportunities are large though it feels there are no basically monetary expectations towards it.

Volunteering means a service rendered under one’s free will; especially done without pay in mind. So, I’m not writing about an opportunity that doesn’t value you but an opportunity to know yourself better and to get the experience you need for free.

Friend, volunteering helps you to be personally driven towards a goal and till you learn to work without having a particular pay in mind work starts to become frustrating. Though it’s particularly frustrating to be a volunteer where others are making headway in a particular profession and are being paid for it, volunteering however opens you to more opportunities, more working experience than a specific paid job can give to you. And if for instance, you are out to be an entrepreneur, what better way than knowing a bit of what is happening in every department in your firm than this?

Volunteering is more than a cultural or societal belief. The society that doesn’t value the work of a volunteer are more relative to the works of a volunteer. This is because, volunteers stand up when every other person wants to sit and expect people to do the job. Volunteering is one way to give back to the community and society you live in or those around you. The impact is limitless and the network you derive lasts for a lifetime.

There are some networks of people you’ll never get to meet till you leave the confinement of an office building, so volunteering is a valuable opportunity. Remember this friend, money doesn’t make people, people make money. And to achieve your goals and indeed be prosperous, you need the right connection and the right people.

There are quite a number of avenues for volunteering and this could be added to your resumé as part of your experience and skills you have learnt so far. There are volunteering opportunities world wide, nationally for instance: the nysc scheme, school fellowship, student governing bodies etc.

However, today we seek people with an open and honest mindset towards volunteering. People who are selfless and are willing to uphold the principles of wherever they volunteer. Working with this in mind is your first move to volunteer. You cannot complain about not having something to do any longer friend. There are lots of things to do and the sacrifice pays off; the benefits are numerous. And indeed success isn’t far from people who are driven by making an impact wherever they are without anyone checking on them or supervising them.

Till we meet again, dear friend, think volunteering even if you are well employed, take time to give back to your society. There are always greater heights knitted into the world of volunteering.

Do feel free to drop your comments, suggestions and questions below. Do you have a personal question/suggestion you wish we could write on this series? Message us at [email protected] Have a great week ahead!

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