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Dear friend,
It’s taken me a while to fizzle out what I’d write to you today. So I thought to go with the flow, I do hope you had a great weekend.

Ever heard the saying, “the time is now”? It has become a cultural phrase and of course lost its savour quickly. Friend, today I’m writing to you to move past the motivated phase to the committed phase. Often when there’s a conference or seminar, a vibe is rekindled, we could all as well leave the hall and take over the world but it never really happens. We all become motivated but not everyone becomes committed.

Recently, I came across a phrase that said commitment is staying on course even when the excitement is gone. Indeed the excitement is refreshing. It’s good. However, excited people don’t win the race, committed people do.

It’s good to be observant, let’s observe the racer. The man who is all geared towards the race in front of him, he is prepared, motivated, hopeful that he has trained really well for the course and then the shot is fired. He has the energy and so he keeps running and along the way, his legs start hurting yet he keeps running (he moves past self—he isn’t just running for himself but his country). He is overtaken yet he keeps running (backing down means he’s a quitter). The cheers for other participants is quite louder because his fans decided not to show up yet he keeps running (the race is also personal though it’s not selfish). Finally he makes it to the finish line.

Truly we never see the race from the racer’s perspective especially when we are part of the crowd. If our dreams sit at the finish line we’ll have to go through all the hurdles of self, pains, rejection and competition just to get to it. In all, the key to passing through is commitment.

In your relationships, marriage, business, and work life, what keeps you going is never restricted to the love for it but the commitment to stick through to the end. This is a rare ingredient in the mix. Till you find it, you’ll jump out of every cause.

Commitment is you picking up yourself as against motivation and excitement which pick you up. Commitment is a personal and deliberate act. In this case you encourage yourself and you pull yourself to do those things you should. For as long as life continues, man hates repetition, man likes to explore—commitment keeps him on course.

Dear friend, remain on course till we meet again. Send us a message at hisrulepublications@gmail.com or via whatsapp at 08136621133 or 09057180149 on what you’d love us to write about. We are quite eager to hear from you. Do drop a comment friend.

Yours truly,

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