Dear friend,

It’s one of my very happy days when I pick up my pen to write to you. I hope your week was awesome. By demand, I’m writing a letter to my friend on the other side about wrong mentorship. I hope to get more awesome requests from you soon.

A lot of us have been exposed to both great and not so good mentors and many of us are already mentors to children and young adults in one field or the other. I remember deciding on different professions at various times because of the people I chose as mentors-i just wanted to be like them, wear the clothes they wore, and eat the food they ate and even eat like them. Mentorship is quite a big deal to me because it’s easier to watch people than listen to them.

So friend, hold on to that last line, it’s easier for many of us to watch the people we call our mentors more than listen to them. I’m writing to mentors today not mentees.

Mentors are a strong source of influence, they inform our decisions and our destinations in life. A mentor is a guide for teens and young adults to adulthood so being a wrong influence is very dangerous. The more bad mentors we have today, the worse our future for millennials today.

When we talk about leaving a mark in your generation, the mark is most likely a living being, a child or adult you have mentored who is going to carry your legacy. If you leave a wrong legacy, there’s always someone to carry it.

Mentees do not always listen but surely they always watch, always. This is because of their admiration towards you. They don’t take their eyes off you. When you cross your legs to the right, if a child is looking up to you, he tries to do same almost immediately because he’s got questions. E.g Does he feel more comfortable crossing his legs that way? Let me find out.

It takes a lot for an individual to sift through what they see their mentors do and pick out what’s relevant. In fact the majority follow through and through that they cannot mention why they do what they do without your name as a mentor. They see you as a standard.

For instance friend, what do you expect your mentee to do when he sees you drowning in betting, what do you say? A process of making quick money or greed?

A fragile generation is in the hands of mentors. Mentors need to uphold good values inside and outside – don’t do what you cannot explain.

When you agree to be a mentor, you agree to be a standard people look up to. It is a must that you uphold good values and be humble enough to accept your mistakes so your mentees are able to learn from them and evade that part.

Mentors are not superhumans, we all make mistakes but as a mentor you’ve got responsibilities to live up to, be diligent enough to live up to them.

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Yours truly,


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