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Dear friend,

It’s another beautiful week and a time to walk into victories. I hope you had a great weekend, and I hope you’re having a great day already. This week, I thought to write to you on competing with a mentor.

We often compare our journeys to those in front of us. We run the race of our lives thinking we started the race with some set of people and are supposed to finish with the same set of people.

The race of life is compared to FIFA games and every other sport you can think of or have engaged in but the hard truth is the rules aren’t the same. This is a race where we don’t start at the same time nor finish at the same time. Many of us have lost friends we felt were on the same race track with us and some of us have seen friends run ahead of us forgetting we didn’t start at the same time with them. The question that lingers is what is the race about then?

Friend, the hurtful strain is when we compare our journeys to that of a mentor. Yes the mentor is 10 years older or even 5, sometimes younger but you fallow in hurt and sadness that you are not on the same level. You begin to compare your background, dwell in self pity because this person has gone really far.

Stories have trailed on about women who get married because they feel their mentors succeeded because they married into wealth. Truly this is not bad but the trail is sad because there is a thin line between desperation(outrageous recklessness) and persistence.

This is a letter to my friend who has stepped off the lines of trying to learn from a mentor and be guided to trying to compete with the mentor. You can get better than your mentor, friend, but by going with the principles and not getting frustrated about your present state.

Your mentor/coach is meant to guide you. By experience these people have learnt to handle much per time, you have not. To increase your output/productivity, the first step is to appreciate your own growth because you are not where you used to be.

Friend, the next step is to work with the principles they follow not necessarily their methods. Honestly, their methods will burn you out if you do not have the same resources they have. In all sincerity, your mentor is being driven to and fro from one meeting to another, having the resources to pay for the next conference and you are waiting for 10- 20 minutes for the next bus to your destination. Don’t blame yourself so you don’t burn out. Don’t be hard on yourself friend, it does take pain to succeed, choose your pain, however.

If you are to sincerely compare your journeys, you would realise no space for comparison and understand how personal this journey in life is. You must be sincere to yourself. Thrive wisely, your race track is more or less different. The fact that you aren’t great yet is enough push to be great, so take into consideration the large field in front of you and run past where you have been.

Till we meet again, friend be sincere about the race of your life. Do drop a comment, I really want to know what you think about this subject. Subscribe for our daily posts and send us a message at 08136621133 or info@hisrulepub.com.ng for more information. Keep having a great week!

Yours truly,

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